Ziff Davis

I'm proud to be a part of the award-winning, Ziff Davis Mentorship Program

With special thanks to Program Coordinator,
Jessica Pierre, the DEI & HR Programs Team,and the Mentorship Committee.

Our mentorship program has allowed our employees to connect with colleagues globally and from different parts of the Ziff Davis brand through our hybrid approach which allows self-matching for role-specific skills, or auto-matched based on compatibility and general mentoring goals.  
Encouraging colleagues to meet new people has opened up our employees to new perspectives and new opportunities.
The program has also given our employees more exposure to senior leaders who can provide them with tips and guidance to grow their skills and progress in their career. Our leadership teams across all of our divisions are very committed to shaping and guiding all employees interested in mentorship. Our DEI & HR programs team continues to find ways to improve upon the program.

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