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From Idea to Impact: How nib Runs Their Award-Winning Mentoring Program

In this exclusive fireside chat with the award-winning mentoring program coordinators at Australian private insurance company nib, Talent & Capability Lead Andrew Corfield and Learning & Organisational Development Advisor Kate Lloyd spent some time chatting with Mentorloop’s Co-Founder & COO Heidi Holmes and Head of Customer Success for APAC, Georgia Pascoe about their impactful mentoring program which launched in 2022.

They shared their insights and experiences on building and running a successful program that fosters engagement, development, and impact in today’s hybrid work environment.


Connecting a Distributed Workforce,
Scaling Mentoring Across the Americas

Learn what it takes to build and scale a high-impact mentoring program.

In this fireside chat held in May 2024, Arup’s award-winning mentoring program coordinators – Human Resources Senior Specialist Jacqueline Liantonio and People Program Coordinator Nikki Scheuder joined us to chat about their incredible mentoring program. 

They shared their experience launching, running, and scaling their mentoring program across a hybrid workforce in a large organization spread across the Americas. 


Mentoring at Fitted For Work:
Meet Mary Grech and Merredith Murphy

Join our Co-Founder Heidi Holmes as she chats with Merredith Murphy and Mary Grech of Fitted for Work – a not-for-profit organisation that is committed to helping disadvantaged and underrepresented women in the community find work, keep work, and navigate their world of work.

In this episode, Merredith and Mary talk about the role their mentoring program plays in the work that they do and how it has grown over the years. They also share some fantastic stories of growth and transformation – a testament to the importance of the work they do and of mentoring relationships in society.


Mentoring at the IPAA:
Meet Gemma Friedberg

Sometimes it takes someone outside of your immediate circle to show you what you need at a certain point in time. In Gemma Friedberg’s case, she assumed that joining the IPAA mentoring program would just be a step in preparing her to move up in her career, as well as a chance to network. What she didn’t anticipate was that on top of that, she would gain was a renewed perspective on dealing with uncertainty and growing resilience, and the confidence to be just that little bit braver in her endeavours.


Mentoring at WASMA:
Meet Renee Gaspar and Drew Noble

As a young, female engineer in the largely male-dominated mining industry, Renee Gaspar knew that her experience would hold some unique challenges.

In this episode, Renee shares how drawing from her mentor Drew Noble’s extensive experience has opened her up to new ideas and perspectives that otherwise would have been difficult to find given the lack of female leadership in the industry.


Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight,
Talks Culture and Connection

Meet Nick Mehta, CEO of customer success company Gainsight. In this episode, we join him on a walk as he chats with Mentorloop co-founder and COO Heidi Holmes about the culture at Gainsight, how connections are made and maintained across teams in their organisation, the value mentors get from mentoring, and more. 


Mentoring at the Ontario Bar Association:
Meet Claudia Garcia Mera & Robert Richler

Sometimes confidence comes from seeing others taking their own leaps. Seeing Robert transition in his career from spending ten years in litigation to moving in-house as a lawyer for a mineral extraction company, Claudia connected with Robert to learn more about his experience.


Mentoring at the IPAA: Meet Lisa Faldon

Meet Lisa Faldon, mentor of one of our previous guests, Gemma Friedberg. Prior to being a mentor in the IPAA mentoring program, Lisa already had an interest in mentoring, even exploring the topic in her postgraduate studies.

In this episode, Lisa shares her insights on the benefits of a formal, structured mentoring program, what made her and Gemma’s relationship work so well, and what she believes to be one of the keys to an effective mentoring relationship.

women offshore

Meet Women Offshore Mentor: Carrie Norton

The Women Offshore Foundation is a nonprofit supporting the careers of female seafarers worldwide. Mentorloop proudly supports its founder, Ally Cedeno, to bring their community mentoring program to life.

In this episode, we chat with mentor Carrie Norton. She shares her experience of many years on the water, the challenges that her unique working environment presents and how she supports other women who want to excel in an incredibly male-dominated industry.


Mentoring at Just Eat Takeaway:
Meet Cristina Mas Cano and Lisa Marena

When Cristina Mas Cano wanted to make a move from Operations to Product & Technology, she wanted guidance from someone who can speak to the challenges that women in tech face. Lisa Marena was that mentor.

In this episode, Cristina and Lisa share how they were able to work through that together. Cristina also shares how Lisa was able to guide her into finding her voice and being more confident in a male-dominated space.

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