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Your mentoring program checklist

Don’t know where to start or when to launch? This program checklists ensures you have taken the right steps to create a successful mentoring program.

top 10 tips to run a successful mentoring program

Top 10 tips for running a successful mentorship program

Building a successful mentoring program isn’t a walk in the park. It requires a significant amount of coordination, a clear framework, and the right concoction of ingredients. Here are 10 of our favourite helpful tips.
What's good about mentoring

What’s so good about mentoring?

Mentoring is a believed in business practice, but not all people understand the impact that mentoring can have on an individual or company. What’s so good about mentoring you ask? Here are some of the facts – along with an incredible business case study.
Why your organisation needs a great mentoring program

Why your organisation needs a great mentoring program

Mentoring is not a silver bullet for many of the issues facing organisations today. But, it might be the nearest thing. Here is why you need to implement or enhance your mentoring program, today.


Why Mentorloop?

Running your mentoring program via spreadsheets and email? Or running your mentoring program via unnecessarily complicated and expensive software solutions? Mentorloop mentoring software can help you.

The Mentorloop goal setting framework

The Mentorloop goal-setting framework

Setting practical and useful goals isn’t as easy as writing some thoughts down on paper. Setting goals is a process, and there are right and wrong ways to do it. Ensure your goals are set correctly with the Mentorloop framework.

goal-setting spreadsheet

The Mentorloop goal-setting spreadsheet

Interested in putting the Mentorloop goal-setting framework to good use? Use this spreadsheet to start setting, tracking, and discussing your goals today. It has all of the information and structure necessary to make you a goal-setting hero.

How to be a great mentor

How to be a great mentor

Being a great mentor isn’t always as easy as it looks – but you can make it easier with these easy-to-follow guidelines.

How to be a great mentee

How to be a great mentee

Being a great mentee isn’t a free ride either. To get the most out of any mentorship, it is critical that a mentee understands and adheres to the following steps and guidelines.