Because your mentoring program should be successful

Your mentoring program checklist

This proven program checklists ensures you have taken all the right steps to create a successful mentoring program.

top 10 tips to run a successful mentoring program

Mentoring tip-sheet

Building a successful mentoring program is hard work. Here are 10 of our best tips to help you out.

mentoring program proposal

Mentoring program proposal

The proposal template which covers all the elements management needs to green-light your mentoring program.

What's good about mentoring

The power of mentoring

These facts and case study showcase the impact mentoring has on individuals and organisations.

Why your organisation needs a great mentoring program

Why you need mentoring

See why mentoring is the nearest thing to a silver bullet for solving the problems of organisations today.


Why Mentorloop?

Most mentoring programs are run poorly. See how easy running a great mentoring program can be with Mentorloop.

The Mentorloop goal setting framework

Mentorloop goal-setting framework

Setting goals is a process, and there are right and wrong ways to do it. Ensure your goals are set correctly with the trusty Mentorloop framework.

goal-setting spreadsheet

Mentorloop goal-setting spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to start setting, tracking, and discussing your goals today. It has all of the information and structure necessary to make you a goal-setting hero.

How to be a great mentee

How to be a great mentee

To get the most out of any mentorship, a mentee should understand and adhere to the following principles.

How to be a great mentor

How to be a great mentor

Being a great mentor isn’t always as easy as it looks – but you can make it easier with these easy-to-follow guidelines.