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Creating continuous value for your members can be a challenging task. Mentorloop enables associations to connect valued members into highly beneficial mentorships in a way that's measurable, at scale.

By providing a consistent and reliable outlet for sharing and leveraging the extraordinary array of talent and domain expertise that associations often hold, you engage and satisfy members, benefitting both your association and your members.

What do industry association mentoring programs look like?


The Royal Automotive Club of Victoria (RACV) brings together Club members of different accomplishments, ages and talents to share knowledge and expertise outside the confines of individual workplaces.

The Industry Mentoring Network in STEM connects motivated PhD students (mentees) in STEM majors with outstanding high level industry leaders (mentors).

women offshore

The Women Offshore mentoring program connects women all over the globe working at sea, building a thriving community focused on closing the gender gap in this male-dominated industry.

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Women Offshore’s founder discovered a demand for mentoring when her blog featuring women who found success in male-dominated fields generated a lot of interest from women working on the water.

Discover how she turned this into a network of women supporting women in an industry that is dominated by men and had limited mentoring opportunities for women+.

Joy Hall
Joy Hall
Marine Training Director
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Going into the program, I was hoping to lend professional and experiential knowledge to early career mariners. It allows the mentee to know that others have had the same experiences. They are not alone! My top tip? Stay in touch monthly, send the mentee a list of questions to learn more about them, use some resources from your employer to make the mentoring experience more structure. Have fun!
Fiona Dugmore
Fiona Dugmore
General Service Operator
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I found it really encouraging personally knowing other women out there doing what I want to do and it makes me feel like my professional goals are more achievable. When I doubt that I will make it because I’m a female, it helps reassure me that I can and to keep going. It's a great programme and well worth being part of.
Lulama Mthembu
Lulama Mthembu
Project Development Analyst
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I think the secret to a good mentoring relationship is that both the mentor and mentee have to be committed and interested in building the relationship. Honesty is key, particularly sharing the challenges where you require full support. Perhaps most importantly, mentors should be open about their limitations where possible so that appropriate expectations are set. Openness and communication are key!
Olivia Le Blanc
Olivia Le Blanc
Student / OS
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I wanted to gain a different perspective on the industry and make more connections. I have accomplished both of these goals with my mentor. I learned more about the industry and different perspectives. Being a pilot never really was on my radar but after meeting my mentor and going to work with her it opened up a new path I might want to try one day. My advice to those new to mentoring is to get to know your mentor/mentee and communicate regularly. Setting goals and keeping communication open is extremely helpful.

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