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Mentorloop is easy

Before inviting your participants, tailor your sign-up form to suit your organisation’s matching needs. Select your questions based on key matching criteria such as hierarchy, location, skills, goals, inclusion and more.

☝️ Match Your People

Allow the platform to find the best possible match with our algorithm; empower your participants to self-organise into their own match, or step in to give them a helping hand with manual matching. 

✌️ Build Momentum

As the program advances, so do your participants with a guided experience supported by timely nudges to keep each individual on track to achieving their mentoring milestones. 

👍 Measure Success

‘Sentiment’ makes it easy to capture regular feedback needed to understand individual relationship quality. Other health check features on your live dashboard assists benchmarking and displays an overview of your whole program. 

Surface your mentoring
success, in real-time

Say goodbye to annual surveys 👋 
ou’ll never need to wait until the end of a program to evaluate your people’s progress, again.

mentorloop dashboard
two women engaging in peer mentoring

Build your Mentoring Narrative

The ‘Art and Science’ of Mentoring is at your fingertips. Review analytical data in real-time to assess the health of your program, while also capturing real mentoring stories, from real people to promote your program to others. 

Ready to see
Mentoring in Motion?

Speak to one of our experienced Mentoring Experts about the best program design for your organisation. 

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