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What do university mentoring programs look like?

Curtin University
Curtin Kalgoorlie Industry Buddy Mentoring connects students with peer mentors to help them settle into uni life - from finding their way around campus to getting comfortable within their chosen industry.

The University of Melbourne runs a mentoring program for staff, by staff. Their goal is to form connections between colleagues to share knowledge and support each other in their university careers.

The Industry Mentoring Network in STEM connects motivated PhD students (mentees) in STEM majors with outstanding high level industry leaders (mentors).

University mentoring programs to create belonging

Leave no one behind

No more falling through the cracks.

Your students come from diverse backgrounds. Some of them face greater challenges to success at university and are statistically more likely to leave uni prior to completion. 

Ensure they get the support they need to succeed in university through the support of student peer mentors or even alumni.

university mentoring programs

Connect students to industry networks

Improve graduate career pathways

Your students have worked too hard to be underemployed after they graduate.

Connect them with alumni and industry partner mentors in their chosen fields to give them exposure to their preferred industries outside the uni walls, get that all-important industry experience, and ensure they have opportunities to get their foot in the door. 


Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing

Break down silos

Interdisciplinary research opportunities are difficult to cultivate. Dedicated mentoring programs give graduate researchers a chance to work with peers from other disciplines to gain deeper knowledge of adjacent areas of specialisation.

University mentoring programs that connect students across disciplines fast-track collaboration and establish networks that could lead to postdoctoral opportunities or even industry opportunities. 

Mentoring for staff and student retention

Retain your people and their expertise

University mentoring programs shouldn’t just be for students. Your staff needs mentoring too!

By fostering a culture of learning and mentoring, you create a workplace environment where people feel they can learn and grow together – a key element in reducing staff turnover.

The best mentoring happens where you're already operating

Mentorloop’s suite of integrations are designed to weave mentoring into your own eco-system with ease.

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