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Mentoring Program Coordinators come in all shapes and sizes

Learning and Development Directors Diversity and Inclusion Specialists Membership Coordinators HR Managers Community Managers Education Assistants Team Leaders

Dorottya Gill-Zalay
Dorottya Gill-Zalay
Education Manager, LEAD Network Europe
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This might be the best piece of software I've ever used. We were able to grow our mentoring programme here at LEAD Network, thanks to the efficiency and functionality we gained by having Mentorloop. Now we’re in a position to significantly scale the reach and impact our mentoring programme to our members!
Clarence Ng
Clarence Ng
Assistant Learning and Development Manager, Heinemann
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Mentorloop streamlines the mentoring process, promotes structured communication, and fosters a culture of growth and collaboration within organizations with features that cater to both mentors and mentees. For us at Heinemann, Mentorloop is an indispensable tool for unlocking the full potential of mentorship programs.
Gemma Harris
Gemma Harris
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Through efficient matching tools and resources to structure mentoring relationships, we have shifted the heavy-lifting part of mentoring, getting our people focused on driving their own development and having quality conversations.
Anne Reintjes
Anne Reintjes
Learning and Development Specialist, Just Eat Takeaway
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Mentorloop came out as the lowest investment, highest value learning program that we run. Mentorloop is the lowest investment for us in terms of the cost of the platform and resourcing to manage and to report on.

Trusted by 100,000+ people worldwide

Discover how Woolworths saves over 250+ hours using Smart Match

“Smart Match has saved us a tremendous amount of time – estimated at over 250+ hours. Time that would have otherwise been spent on categorising, matching, managing and reporting!”

Tracey Furno

Senior Culture and People Partner at Woolworths Group

Ziff Davis

Creating 1000+ connections between a family of brands, through mentoring

Jessica Pierre of Ziff Davis

Jessica Pierre

DEI & HR Programs Specialist, Ziff Davis

Alleviating the admin burden to make way for hundreds of meaningful connections

Jacqueline Liantonio

Human Resources Senior Specialist, Arup

Opening doors to mentorship: Ensuring accessibility for over 800+ employees

Kathlyn Ruiz of Informa Markets

Kathlyn Ruiz

Learning and Performance Partner, Informa

Taking flight: Webjet's pilot mentoring program soars

Emma Evans

Head of People and Talent Acquisition, Webjet Ltd

Beyond boundaries: Just Eat Takeaway's journey of global connection

Anne Reintjes

Learning and Development Specialist, Just Eat Takeaway

Connecting nib across teams, locations, and countries

Andrew Corfield & Kate Lloyd

Talent & Capability Lead and Learning & Organisational Development Advisor, nib Group

Turning Pockets of Mentoring, into a Culture of Mentoring

Avisha Singh

Learning Curator
EDF Energy

From Small Conversations to Building an Inclusive Workplace

Stefanie Iennaco

Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Philip Morris International

Breaking Barriers: PMI's Journey to Cross-Cultural Engagement

Michelle Lagrave

Global Leadership Development Lead, Integrated Talent Management, People & Culture

Over 900 strong: Driving engagement with mentoring as a key member benefit

Raising the bar of architectural standards, we’re building a community of architects committed to the significant role of the profession in creating better communities.

We support the professional growth of our members by providing them access to a wide range of practical resources, a voice on local and national policy setting, and opportunities for continuous learning.

Jenny Nguyen

Member Services Officer at Australian Institute of Architects

How LEAD Network saved weeks of admin time with Mentorloop

Dorottya Gill-Zalay

Dorottya Gill-Zalay

Education Manager, LEAD Network

Institute of Managers and Leaders ANZ

Streamlining mentoring for an industry association of over 11,000+ members

Shivani Tholasi

Shivani Tholasi

Membership and High Education Coordinator, IML ANZ

Mentorloop: The Heartbeat of Our Fellowship Program's Success

Felicity Lampert and Georgie Fidge

Roads Australia

Taking the stress out of matching a cohort, with Self-Match

Annie Colthorpe

North West Paediatric Mentoring

women offshore

From a Blog to a Network of Women Supporting Women

Ally Cedeno

Women Offshore

Redefining Resilience: How Back Up Trust connects people affected by spinal cord injury

Connecting those newly affected by spinal cord injury with someone who has ‘been there’ and lived through similar challenges, the Back Up Trust Mentoring Programme helps people to feel less isolated and more empowered to live life to the fullest.

Alice Ridley

Mentoring Team Lead,
Back Up Trust

Mentors and Mentees love Mentorloop too ❤️

Charlene Bennetts

Mentee and Mentor

Having a different and ‘outsider’ perspective helps so much. Sometimes you’re so stuck in a situation, that it’s hard to see another point of view. Mentoring also helps me be responsible for my own career development as I have to set clear goals at the start and check in to see how I am tracking with those goals.

Very easy to use

Easy to use, clear and concise. The layout was good overall. It allows users to connect to mentors easily and organise goals with them.

Mentee in Consulting
Mentee in Consulting
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Easy to find a mentor and connect

One stop to find a mentor and keep in touch which is easy to do. Helps me find a mentor and stay in touch as a mentee.

Mentee in Consulting
Mentee in Consulting
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Lana Zegura


This program, and in particular the luck I’ve been given to be assigned my mentor, has come at the perfect time in my career. I am wanting to take the next step – which in my opinion is a much bigger step than I’ve previously taken. So, to have a guiding hand, who is in my corner, who has an outsider’s perspective without any preconceived notions of my role or the people I work with, has been really helpful.  I’ve really turned around my thinking and am ready to create a strategic game plan with my mentor on how I can achieve these goals and what I need to do to get there.

Kuan Chia

Mentee and Mentor

I now have a better appreciation of what the younger generation is experiencing so am able to be more effective in my professional world. 

Mentoring the next generation of leaders is a rewarding experience and I would encourage others to give back.

Framework for developing a friendship and mentorship

I believe the best part about it was having such a structured framework that began the conversation with my mentor. At times I didn’t know what I should be talkig to them about so I came back to Mentoorloop for suggestions.

Cody H
Cody H
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Andrew Finlayson


Mentoring has brought me great satisfaction – to even marginally affect the life and career of a talented individual, it is so rewarding.

I think the secret to good mentoring comes from the mentee primarily. They have to genuinely want to enter into the relationship honestly and be open to ideas and work with the mentor to develop their full potential. On the mentor’s part, it is essential not to be directive but to encourage the mentee to discover their own unique talents and capabilities.

Mentorloop is a great way to connect, share experiences and evolve your mentoring skills

Easy to use, keeps the conversation private, and provides good options for sharing goals. It’s providing a platform for many others like me who want to develop their mentoring skills, and for mentees to share experiences and ask for advice using a single platform.

Mayank G
Mayank G
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Tafadzwa Padare


This opportunity has brought with it, the ability to speak out and bring a new perspective into discussions, meetings, and being heard.

Open communication is key to a good mentorship relationship, prioritizing both formal and informal meetings and catch up also helps form a connection between the mentor and mentee.

Powerful tool for establishing and managing mentoring relationships

The software is convenient and provides essential information for making the most of your time with your mentor. I am able to connect with like-minded people from around the country and am not limited to those who are physically in the same location as me. It is convenient to use.

Bonnie M
Bonnie M
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Ben Monnie


I leave each conversation with something to think about and some actions to carry out before the next meeting. My advice for others – don’t be quick to make any recommendations. Listen to your mentees and get to know them first. There is no secret, it’s about being open and honest and giving each other things to consider and think about.

Mentoring helped me pivot my career for the better

It can be difficult to access senior leaders or other people in your industry. Mentorloop connects people.

Mentee in Insurance
Mentee in Insurance
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Gino Laios

Mentee and Mentor

Personally, my time being a mentee has changed the way I approach challenges in general, and now look at them as opportunities and not things that should get me down. When I don’t know which road I should take or have the answer, I now know it’s okay not to have an answer or solution for everything life puts in front of you. For my mentoring matches, I could see them also make that step following our discussions and sharing personal experiences and how things can be approached from a place of balanced confidence instead of imbalanced fear (of failure).

Mentorloop Most Impactful Mentoring Program Awards 2023

Mentorloop Impact Awards

Each year Mentorloop evaluates hundreds of programs from industry associations, non-profit communities and corporate organizations from all over the world to award the prestigious Mentorloop Impact Awards.

  • The program gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from mentoring, not just a few “chosen ones”
  • The program endeavours to create a culture of mentoring in the organisation or community
  • The program strives to make/is making a significant positive impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion, whether explicitly stated as a program goal or as a natural result of mentoring happening in the organisation
  • The program coordinator/s has/have made a concerted effort towards achieving the target number of participants
  • The program is scalable whilst retaining mentoring quality and participant satisfaction
  • The program has undergone a significant expansion in the form of either the creation of additional programs or graduation from a pilot to always-on mentoring; or
  • The program coordinator/s run multiple programs for different cohorts

Some examples include:

  • The program has maintained an above average level of engagement within their cohort
  • The program has received positive feedback from the participants in their program

Some examples include:

  • There has been demand among members of the organisation or community to continue and/or expand the mentoring program more broadly
  • There has been a significant impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organisation or community
  • The program has enabled better connections between people in their organisation or community despite geographical hurdles

Mentoring Programs that embody a collection of these attributes, more often than not, surpass the goals in which they set out to achieve. Mentorloop also acknowledges Mentoring Program Coordinators as they continue to make life-changing connections for the people they support.

Trusted by over 100,000 people worldwide

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