Why Mentorloop exists

Imagine a world where every person had access to that life-changing connection; a mentor who they could lean on, learn from, and rely on.

It would be a better world.

Mentorloop was conceived and designed to make this world a reality – by making great mentoring more accessible.

Mentoring for organisationsAccessible for organisations

Mentoring for DiversityAccessible for people 

Improved Employee RetentionConsistently accessible (repeatable)

The journey to mainstream mentoring, so far…

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small money

Mentorloop is born
Mentorloop raises some pre-seed funding to build a better mentoring software platform.

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First mentorships

The mentorships begin
Organisations start using Mentorloop to facilitate their mentoring programs. Mentors and mentees begin connecting and progressing.

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Mentoring matters
Mentorloop named a top 10 startups to watch as mentoring becomes increasingly important to organisations and individuals.

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Startup raise

The raise
Mentorloop raises $750,000 from leading investors to build the world’s leading mentoring software.

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Mentoring programs

Great mentoring programs across 4 continents – so far.
Mentorloop becomes the mentoring software of choice for great corporations, associations, and universities across the world.

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HR tech platform

Improving the employee experience
Mentorloop named in the Top HR tech platforms to watch for impacting employee experience.

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Levelling the playing field
Mentorloop launches #MentorHer movement in Australia.

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Where will mentoring go next?

Join us.
The time for mentoring is now. Are you ready?

Where do mentoring and the workplace go from here?

Mentorloop’s co-founder and CEO Lucy Lloyd, speaks with Rachel Pupazzoni of ABC News about the future of mentoring and digital work.



Lucy Lloyd

Lucy Lloyd

Heidi Holmes

Heidi Holmes

Mark Reid

Mark Reid

We are a team of mentoring evangelists. A team of individuals who have witnessed and experienced the impact of great mentoring, and who want to make this impact available to more people through a combination of technology and mentoring best practice.

We are committed to bringing the humanity back into organisations and human relationships.

Interested in learning more about mentoring, mentoring software, or Mentorloop? Get in touch – or stay in touch now.