Bringing meaningful mentorships to thousands of people across the world.


Mentorloop delivers more consistent and effective mentoring outcomes for both organisations and individuals.


By leveraging technology to facilitate more accessible – and more productive – human relationships.

For organisations: our cloud-based platform allows you to build a culture of mentoring and improve company outcomes by quickly and easily onboarding employees, placing them in meaningful matches, and then monitoring and reporting on the success of the mentor program.

For individuals: our interactive chat portal, supporting content and resources, and people-focused features empower mentees and mentors to take control of their own networks and learning; connecting, communicating, setting goals, and building out an online journal of their mentoring relationships.


Because we believe that more accessible mentoring means more life changing connections.

Accessible in the sense that any individual should be able to connect in a reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationship regardless of the constraints of their location or network.

Accessible in the sense that regardless of the size or budget of their mentoring program, every organisation should be able to harness the power of mentoring.

The greatest asset of any organisation is its people, and unlocking the potential of these people results in better outcomes for organisations, individuals, and society.

Lucy Lloyd, Co Founder & CEO
A Digital Project Manager by trade, Lucy has benefitted from great mentors throughout her career. She loves working with new clients to implement Mentorloop so they can get the most out of connecting their people.


Heidi Holmes, Co Founder & COO
Heidi escaped the corporate world in 2011 to launch her first startup Adage, which she sold to Oneshift in 2014. Looking for a mentor led her to start Mentorloop, and she’s passionate about making mentoring mainstream.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mentorloop?

Mentorloop is an online platform designed to make mentor relationships easier to start, manage and participate in. With mentor and mentee onboarding, filtered matching, and real-time communications tools, Mentorloop improves mentoring outcomes for corporates, NFPs, government, universities and individuals.

Can I access a demo?

Absolutely! One of our team members would be happy to take you through a quick online demo of the platform to see if Mentorloop might be a useful resource for your organisation – it only takes 30 minutes. Simply book a time with one of our team here.

How do I start my mentor program?

After a quick training session, we will then create your Program Coordinator account for you. As we are a cloud based system there is no need for complex integrations or set up. Creating your account is a 5 minute exercise. Once we have activated your account, this will generate an email notification asking you to login to Mentorloop for the first time.

Creating a login?

Now you have received a link to activate your Program Coordinator account you will be asked to create a login. There is an opportunity to select to login via LinkedIn, Google or by using an email and password. Please choose carefully as this will be the method by which you authenticate going forward. For example, if you chose to login via email and password, you won’t be able to switch to LinkedIn at a later date.

What is a loop?

A ‘loop’ is representative of any relationship or ‘match’ within Mentorloop. There are two types of loops that exist within the system:

  1. Program coordinator have a loop with each Mentee/Mentor
  2. Mentor and Mentee loop

How many loops can I have as a Program Coordinator?

There is no limit to the amount of loops you can have as a PC. The number of loops you have will be dependent on how many mentees/mentors (end users) you have participating in your Mentor Program.

What do I need to do first after I’ve signed in?

When you first login you will be taken to your program details page. Enter a description about your program including your program name and upload a logo. This will appear on the mentee/mentors dashboard and can be edited at anytime. You may wish to start with a welcome message and change it later after the program has commenced.

How do I add mentees/mentors?

You can add mentees/mentors to your mentor program either manually through the “Users” tab or through our custom recruitment form via the ‘Recruits’ section. This will enable you to collect various profile information on your mentors and mentees which will then help facilitate more meaningful matches.

When you add a person an email is triggered to notify them they are now a part of this program.

Now I’ve added my users, how do
I match them?

Once you’ve added all your users you can now assign them to a loop. Matching occurs via the Loop page. Click on ‘new loop’ and a list of all your users will appear. You can filter by those already assigned a loop those who haven’t. Simply click on the mentee you wish to place in a loop and select the attributes you want the match based on. The system will generate a shortlist of possible mentor matches. Once you’re happy with the selected match simply click ‘Create Loop’, and assign them as a match. This will then trigger an email notification to the user advising them that they have been matched.

How do I get my mentees/mentors using Mentorloop?

When you create a new user within your program they will immediately receive an email notification inviting them to sign in and create their account.

They will receive a second notification when you assign them to a loop.

You can see which users may not have authenticated their account via the User page. Users who haven’t authenticated will have their status showing as ‘invited’. To prompt them to authenticate you can send them a message via your loop with them or through reissuing the invite.

Users who have authenticated will have their status showing as ‘active’

What do users see?

The users will see a slightly different view in the first instance to you as a PC. Once the user has authenticated their account and you have assigned them to a loop, when they login they will be taken to a dashboard which shows a list of all their loops. In addition to loops with their mentee/mentor, they will also have a loop with their PC.

From here they can navigate to their specific loop with their mentee/mentor and use the live message feed to chat, schedule a catch up or share files.

How do I track what’s happening?

All communications sent through the platform are tracked, providing real time analytics back to the Program Coordinator. You won’t see what the mentee/mentor are chatting about – that remains private – but you will be able to track and measure how often people are communicating and how their relationship is progressing.

Still have more questions? Feel free to get in touch via