Our Purpose

Our Vision

We believe the right connection can change your life. 
At Mentorloop, we’re making these connections accessible.

Our Mission

We believe the best personal & professional growth is achieved through human connection, knowledge exchange and shared experiences.

Through our accessible approach to mentoring, organisations and their people (members, students, employees) will achieve better results in life and in work.

Guided by values

Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts

Together, we're better

Greater than the Sum of our Parts

Together, we're better. We fulfil our obligations to each other.  We take aim at a goal, and work together to achieve it. We mentor, we have mentors, we mentor one another and we punch above our weight!

Masters of Our Own Destiny

We forge our own path

Masters of our Own Destiny

We are all mentoring experts and have a vision to redefine mentoring. If we see a problem, we have the power to change it. We focus on the process, rather than fixating on the outcome and know we're lucky to be here, and so we appreciate, feel, and express our gratitude.

Balls to the Wall

It's an aviation term!

Balls to the Wall

We're not afraid to experiment and we push the limits. Always pushing forward, we take a position and back ourselves (and each other). An in our eyes, failure is an inseparable part of learning.

Done, then Fun

Work hard and celebrate!

Done, Then Fun

Our customers and their mentors and mentees come first. When it comes to our team, we all 'sweep the sheds', laugh at ourselves together and celebrate our wins together.

Proudly, the first Mentoring Software provider in the world to become a Certified B Corp 🌏

We’re committed to using our business as a force for good. This certification sets the highest benchmark for businesses to demonstrate their determination to support people and the planet. Together, we drive the corporate responsibility movement forward for a better world. 

B Corp

Female Founded since 2016

We are a team of mentoring advocates and experts. A team of individuals who have witnessed and experienced the impact of great mentoring, and who want to make this impact available to more people through a combination of technology and mentoring best practice.

We are committed to bringing humanity back into organisations and human relationships.

Lucy Lloyd

Lucy Lloyd

CEO & Co-founder

Heidi Holmes

Heidi Holmes

COO & Co-founder

Tracy Marie Powell

VP of Engineering

Giving Back to the Community

As part of our mission to make mentoring more accessible, we as a team actively look to give back to communities in need. We do this by prioritising areas of focus, ensuring our team has access to volunteer leave and encourage our non-profit customers to partner with us through our Community Support Program. 

Supporting mentoring around the world

Our team ensure over 75,000+ people worldwide has access to quality mentoring. From community organisations to enterprise corporates, Mentorloop supports Program Coordinators to build and scale their best mentoring program yet.  

Each year, Mentorloop awards the best in class mentoring programs with the Annual Mentorloop Impact Awards.