Work is no longer a place,
it's a state of mind

How can leaders ensure they’re supporting their people to reduce loneliness and encourage collaboration, productivity and purpose?

By starting the most important people program you’ll ever have – Remote, by Mentorloop.

Connection Across Silos

Whatever your hierarchical organisation chart may look like, the real, day-to-day work, gets done in networks. This is emphasised more so, when companies ‘go remote.’

You now have an opportunity to evolve. Static, slow-moving pyramids are shifting to what looks more like a flexible and fast-moving swarm of start-ups.

All shapes and sizes, whether you call them squads and tribes, cells, mini-factories or self-governing teams or a team of teams – building an ecosystem that removes barriers, breeds innovation and encourages support. 

Work From Home, Not Alone

As we continue to practice social distancing, many are fast-becoming concerned about the loneliness that may accompany this needed behaviour.

Ensure your team remains supported. Build a sense of belonging and continuity that brings the watercooler to the remote office.

People programs can be challenging to get right. With Remote by Mentorloop, you can pair your people backed by our algorithm, communicate, upload tasks and events, set goals, access resources, and keep track of their progress directly in one easy to access platform.

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Easily invite participants to with an exclusive invitation link.


Use our smart match tool or algorithm to quickly connect people or let them choose!

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Video and Chat

Our Loop feature lets participants communicate and share notes – all in one place.


Supported email ‘nudges’ help participants build strong, impactful relationships.


See program information and get insight into your participant’s activity and progress.

Ready to get started?

As experts in the ‘New HR:’ Human Reconnection, Mentorloop facilitates quality matches for all sorts of organisations and teams.
Connect, support and provide a sense of belonging for your people – without adding to your workload.

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Build a strong sense of belonging

Mentorloop allows you to build a more inclusive culture and empowers your whole team to grow, no matter what size. Allow your people to unlock hidden knowledge and gain new experiences through an intuitive online platform. But don’t just take our word for it…

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