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Work is No Longer A Place

As leaders, how are you supporting your people?

Put your people first by starting the most important people program you’ll ever have – a mentoring program to combat employee loneliness, encourage collaboration, bolster productivity, and foster inclusion.

Whatever your organization chart looks like, the real work gets done in networks. But with hybrid and remote work, there is a stronger tendency for teams to operate in closed silos. 

Open up your organization and give your people the opportunity to reach across teams, business units, or even borders. Build mentoring connections so you can remove barriers, breed innovation, and encourage collaboration.

A network of people and highlighting individuals

Mentoring With An Ocean In Between

While Alejandro lives and works in the Netherlands and Damon is based in the United States, they both work towards common goals at Proponent.

Damon and Alejandro mentoring via video chat

Working from home doesn’t have to mean losing support. 

Create a sense of belonging and community by giving your people the opportunity to forge mentoring relationships with colleagues from all levels, geographies, and even time zones.  

The possibilities are endless when your people have access to mentorship relationships that transcend boundaries. This global network of mentorship not only enhances their skills and perspectives but also ensures that everyone feels part of a thriving and supportive community. 

WATCH: Members of the Ziff Davis team talk about their experience in their two-time Mentorloop Impact Award winning mentoring program. 

Creating 1000+ Connections Between A Family Of Brands

The Ziff Davis mentorship program is one of the most active employee programs in the organization.
In addition to the nearly 700 relationships created in 2022, they’ve had over 250 new employees sign up and created almost 400 new relationships in 2023.

While hybrid work offers many advantages, it also presents unique challenges related to employee engagement, skill development, and company culture.

Support your people from onboarding through to their development in your organization so no one is left behind and company culture remains strong despite the distance.

Connecting hybrid employees across teams, locations, and countries

Mentorloop is a good fit for us as it allows people to connect for the purpose of their own self-development, with someone who they might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet in a typical office environment.

This is reflected by 91% of mentor/mentee relationships occurring across different teams and 72% across different locations.

Discover why people heroes choose Mentorloop

Easy to Use

User-friendly interfaces. Dashboards and infographics provide an overview of what matters, while you can dive deeper into the detail when needed.

Sentiment Feedback

The only mentoring platform that captures feedback asynchronously. Understand the health of your program at any moment at a program and relationship level.

Scales Your Efforts

Start small and grow your program to offer mentoring to each employee or member - at the time they require it.

Equitable Matching Algorithm

Leave no one behind with the only matching algorithm on the market that considers the whole cohort to provide a high-quality match for all.

Training Built-in

Milestones and Nudges provide training for budding mentors and mentees to give their best - delivering the right message at the right time depending on where they're at in their mentoring journey.

Dorottya Gill-Zalay
Dorottya Gill-Zalay
Education Manager, LEAD Network Europe
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This might be the best piece of software I've ever used. We were able to grow our mentoring programme here at LEAD Network, thanks to the efficiency and functionality we gained by having Mentorloop. Now we’re in a position to significantly scale the reach and impact our mentoring programme to our members!
Clarence Ng
Clarence Ng
Assistant Learning and Development Manager, Heinemann
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Mentorloop streamlines the mentoring process, promotes structured communication, and fosters a culture of growth and collaboration within organizations with features that cater to both mentors and mentees. For us at Heinemann, Mentorloop is an indispensable tool for unlocking the full potential of mentorship programs.
Gemma Harris
Gemma Harris
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Through efficient matching tools and resources to structure mentoring relationships, we have shifted the heavy-lifting part of mentoring, getting our people focused on driving their own development and having quality conversations.
Anne Reintjes
Anne Reintjes
Learning and Development Specialist, Just Eat Takeaway
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Mentorloop came out as the lowest investment, highest value learning program that we run. Mentorloop is the lowest investment for us in terms of the cost of the platform and resourcing to manage and to report on.
Nikki Schueder
Nikki Schueder
People Program Coordinator, ARUP
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Mentorloop allows us to have a great program with little overhead cost. Additionally, it has improved cross-discipline connections across our North and South American offices. Our previous mentoring programs have all lost momentum until we adopted Mentorloop as our tool.

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