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Create opportunities for your community members to grow, learn, and support each other.

If you are a caretaker of a community, you’re in a beautifully fortunate position. Not only do you have a group of united people, but you have a group of people that are likely to grow, listen and learn from one another, too.

But how do you confidently make these introductions when there are hundreds (or thousands!) of people in your community at all different stages in life, their careers, of all different backgrounds, ages, locations and experiences?

Let's explore how.

What do community mentoring programs look like?

fitted for work

Having the opportunity to connect with a role model can be an irreplaceable experience for a woman who is entering the workforce. Fitted for Work is providing valuable support and guidance through mentoring, by offering participants a chance to help women secure employment and gain life skills.

Soldier On's mentoring program for veterans and their families is aimed at providing support for the Australian Defence Force community in areas such as career progression, skill development, career change, career planning, professional networking, and the transitioning phase from the ADF.

Back Up’s mentoring program links people with a spinal cord injury and their family members to volunteer mentors. The program helps participants come to terms with what has happened and adjust positively to life post-injury.

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Strengthen community ties by making life-changing connections

Annie Colbert runs a mentoring program for NHS paediatricians in training, to create networks of support for trainee doctors and to create a sense of community amongst them across workplaces.

However, it was becoming unsustainable to do this manually. Annie works night shifts at the hospital, whilst volunteering to run the mentoring program on the side. Spending an average of 4 hours per week coordinating the program, making introductions, tracking registrations  – she simply didn’t have the time to stay on top of it, let alone grow the program further.

Discover how she streamlined the management of her mentoring program and eventually secured its future after a successful pilot.

The whole matching process is so much easier. Mentees can find their own mentors on Mentorloop, and I can just help out when needed, as opposed to trying to personally find the best match for each mentee”

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