Empowering Women in Tech: The Emotional Impact of Project F's Mentoring Program

Emma Jones

Project F

What Project F loves most about Mentorloop:

Over 600 Days of Mentoring

Over 600 Days of Mentoring

Project F has been offering mentoring to their members for almost two years now. With no sign of slowing, more life-changing connections are happening every day.

100% Participant Satisfaction

Positive feedback from mentors/mentees

100% of Project F mentoring participants are enjoying their mentoring relationship and feel they are a perfect match 🎉
Mentorloop Most Impactful Mentoring Program Awards 2023

Mentorloop Impact Award Winner 2023

Women in tech need mentorship - receiving it and giving it. Mentorloop makes it both easy and affordable.

Before Mentorloop

It became too hard to manage the program on a spreadsheet! And we needed to find a way to empower women to find each other.

Program Impact

It’s so hard to describe the impact our mentoring program has because it’s actually quite emotional.

At our events, women frequently come to tell us about the impact it’s had on them. They also get emotional because it means so much to women in tech to have someone relatable to guide them on their path and they’re usually isolated, often the only woman in their team.

Our mentoring program has become one of the main features of our community group. Through it, women have conquered imposter syndrome, negotiated salary increases, decided on career pathways, found new jobs and achieved promotions.

What more could you ask for?

Looking to the Future

We plan to increase its capacity and reach! As we build out our capability for supporting the F Factor women in tech community, we’ll scale up our mentoring program to support that.


Emma Jones

founder/CEO, Project F

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Project F values Mentorloop as not only a foundational part of the support we provide to women in technology but also a partner we love to recommend to our clients that are working to improve the representation of women in their technology and leadership teams. It just makes sense. Women in tech need mentorship - receiving it and giving it. Mentorloop makes it both easy and affordable.

– Emma Jones, Founder/CEO, Project F

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