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What Ziff Davis loves most about Mentorloop:

Over 1000+ Mentoring Relationships

Continuous growth

In addition to the nearly 700 relationships we created last year, we’ve had over 250 new employees sign up and created almost 400 new relationships this year!

91% Participant Satisfaction

Positive feedback from mentors/mentees

91% of mentoring participants are enjoying their mentoring relationship and feel they are a perfect match.
Mentorloop Most Impactful Mentoring Program Awards 2023

Mentorloop Impact Award Winner
2022 & 2023

“We learned through Mentorloop Sentiment feedback that the connections made through our program have been instrumental in problem-solving and broadening the perspectives of our participants”

Estelle Skeels
Estelle Skeels
Ziff Davis Mentor
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Brittany is very engaged and makes it very easy to connect. We continued to discuss goals, tools, and mindset for our mentorship sessions along with learning to know more about one another. We both have been using the mentorloop reading material for mentee/mentor.
Pooja Rane
Pooja Rane
Ziff Davis Mentor
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I always look forward to educating and helping women excel in their careers. I struggled in the past and certainly didn't want others to feel the same, therefore this program has been helpful.

Through regular interactions, mentors and mentees have been able to exchange ideas, challenge existing perspectives and co-create solutions to problems.

Before Mentorloop

Ziff Davis is a vertically focused digital media and internet company whose portfolio includes leading brands in technology, shopping, gaming, entertainment, connectivity, health, cybersecurity, and martech. 

One of the challenges we faced before engaging with Mentorloop was creating networking and development opportunities for employees across all of our brands.

Our Employee Resource Groups helped us identify these challenges. We learned through their programming that career progression conversations featuring Ziff Davis leaders were some of our most attended events. The engagement in the question and answer portions of those events along with the positive feedback following helped us identify the need for a mentoring program.

Program Impact

The mentorship program is one of the most active employee programs at Ziff Davis.

In addition to the nearly 700 relationships we created last year, we’ve had over 250 new employees sign up and created almost 400 new relationships this year.

Some of the positive outcomes and impact of the program on our organization are:

  • The ability to match employees in similar departments across Ziff Davis brands, but outside of their reporting line. This has been extremely beneficial because it allows our employees to broaden their professional network with new contacts and resources. Receiving a mentoring partner outside of your business unit or reporting line also allows our colleagues to get fresh perspectives and feedback. Most importantly, employees feel more comfortable sharing challenges, concerns, and aspirations with someone who is not directly involved in your organization’s hierarchy.

  • Exposure to new leaders and their guidance has positively impacted career growth. Employees have shared that they received promotions and other career opportunities as a direct result of their mentoring relationship.

  • We’ve been able to use the program as a benefit for the leaders of our employee-led groups. As a reward for their participation, we prioritized them for matching with VIP mentors, which consists of C-suite level leaders, presidents, and general managers.

  • Our colleagues have been able to diversify their skill sets with our program. We’ve instructed participants seeking specific guidance to use the self-match function. In doing so, they are able to browse all of the profiles and request a partner who can help them hone their skills or learn new skills.

Looking to the Future

The mentorship program is currently led by the DEI Team assisted by our Mentorship Ambassadors.

The Mentorship Ambassadors are ERG leaders who first identified the need for a mentorship program and, through grassroots efforts, collaborated to design our program.

We are continuing to work with the mentorship ambassadors to enhance the user experience who have been part of the program since 2022, as well as new users.

One of the initiatives we just implemented is a series called “Mentoring All-Star of the Month” where we spotlight participants in our public channels that have favorable sentiments in the platform. This initiative so far has encouraged our participants to leave feedback for their mentoring partners.

The increase in Sentiment feedback is helpful in understanding the experience of our employees. We will implement Mentorship Program Bingo every quarter to gamify the experience and drive employees back to all of the amazing Mentorloop resources. Items on the bingo card include, “Complete the “First meeting checklist”” and “Take a selfie with your mentoring partner to share in the Workplace Mentorship Group”.

We will also continue to document our quarterly sign-ups and work with our Mentoloop point of contact, Marina Sancho, to navigate challenges and create new resources to support the program.


Jessica Pierre of Ziff Davis

Jessica Pierre

DEI & HR Programs Specialist at Ziff Davis

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Jessica Pierre of Ziff Davis

The mentorship program is one of the most active employee programs at Ziff Davis.

In addition to the nearly 700 relationships we created last year, we’ve had over 250 new employees sign up and created almost 400 new relationships this year.

– DEI & HR Programs Specialist, Ziff Davis

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