Mentorloop Enterprise:

Your culture of mentoring – turbocharged 

Built with enterprises and large associations in mind, Mentorloop Enterprise takes your mentoring program to the next level with powerful algorithmic matching, customisations, single sign-on and more. 

Achieve mentoring magic and maintain it through regular strategic consults with our team of mentoring experts!

Fully customised program design, tailored to your organisation

A sign-up form to reflect the things that matter to you.

As you scale, you learn what’s relevant to your program and your participants, as well as what data can help you give your cohort the best experience. 

With custom forms, you can get specific with the data you collect so you can enable better matching and better reporting, making for a better experience for your participants and for you, the program coordinator.

Scale effortlessly your way, with Smart Match

Powerful, equitable algorithmic matching.

Bring your program to more people than ever before without the additional matching admin. Our unique equitable matching algorithm ensures that all of your mentors and mentees have good quality matches.

Other mentoring software’s algorithms can definitely produce great matches. But most of the time these great matches are only made for a small percentage of participants, leaving the rest of the cohort with mediocre or even poor matches.

Mentorloop prioritises the satisfaction of your cohort as a whole – no one gets left behind. This is why our programs have a match satisfaction rating of 96%.

Learn about how LEAD Network saved weeks of program admin time with Mentorloop.

Optimise with Match Tuner

The ease of algorithmic matching with the control of manual matching.

Using an algorithm doesn’t have to mean handing over control completely.

Maintain control of your matching process by choosing the criteria by which your participants are matched while enjoying the convenience of having Smart Match do the rest. 

Calibrate Mentorloop’s Smart Match algorithm to suit your program’s needs with Match Tuner. Our mentoring experts will be on hand to guide you in creating custom matching rules tailored to your program’s specific needs.

Weave mentoring into your own ecosystem with ease

Enjoy the full suite of apps and integrations available to take your program to the next level.

communications integrations

Streamline Participant Management

Enjoy easier participant management and synchronise your data with our integrations  powered by our API, such as Salesforce and popular HRIS.

Our team will work with you to identify the most impactful data to enhance and streamline your experience. Chat with us about your program migration and consolidation, importing and syncing to arrive at quality results based on years of experience.

Seamless Sign-ups with SSO

Make it easy for participants to start their mentoring journey in your organisation by removing the need to set yet another password. Single Sign-On allows participants to securely authenticate to Mentorloop using their organisation credentials.

Not running an internal, single-organisation program? No problem! Mentorloop also enables participants to use Social Sign-On through Google and LinkedIn. 

Frictionless Scheduling

Make it easy for your participants to carve out mentoring time in their day.

With two-way calendar integrations for Google, iCal, Office 360, Exchange, and Outlook, your participants can set their availability, see their mentoring partner’s availability, and make changes on the go.

The Best Mentoring Happens Wherever You Are

The best mentoring happens wherever you are so we’ve made it easy for your participants to engage in mentoring from everywhere. Whether they prefer to set a face-to-face meeting, video chats via Zoom or MS Teams, or send direct messages via their Loop, Mentorloop guides them the whole way through.

Your participants are also guided through their mentoring journey with Nudges from Mentorloop, which they can choose to receive via email or communication apps like Slack.

Learn how Mentorloop can integrate seamlessly into your organisation's own ecosystem

Verified by external auditors, we require secure connections for all users, encrypt all data at rest, and follow application security best practices. Mentorloop hosts all data with the leading cloud providers (Amazon and Google), all of which have secure audited data centres. Unless by request, we exclusively host data in Australia and the United Kingdom respective to your mentoring program location.

We take your data, the data of our customers, very seriously. In addition to our stringent info-security practices, we work with third-party security services and network scanning tools to reduce vulnerabilities and security threats to your data.

You can take a look at our InfoSec and IT documentation. Further details and documentation regarding our vendors’ compliance and security posture may be provided on request.

Mentorloop is also registered with the ICO, the UK’s Data Protection Regulator.

Built for Organisational Administrators

You have a lot on your plate, so Mentorloop makes it easy to check on your program at a glance.

Mentorloop’s Live Dashboard surfaces the key indicators of program success in an easy and actionable way with ‘Insights’ that guide you to achieving quality mentoring at scale. 

Mentorloop also empowers you to easily share your success with stakeholders whenever you wish with monthly summaries and downloadable PDF reports. 

two women engaging in peer mentoring

Maintain Mentoring Magic guided by our Mentoring Experts

More than account management, leverage our team’s years of experience in guiding hundreds of successful programs, each year. 

Gain access to knowledge and best practices based on hundreds of successful programs from all around the world.

Let's get to it!

Invest in your program’s continued success.

Scale confidently with Mentorloop Enterprise.

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