Quality Mentorship: LEAD Network's Continued Success with the Mentorloop Platform

Dorottya Gill-Zalay

Dorottya Gill-Zalay

Education Manager
LEAD Network

What LEAD Network loves most about Mentorloop:

Building networks beyond organisation walls

Building networks beyond organisation walls

LEAD Network's cross-gender, cross-company, cross-country approach to matching helps to broker valuable inter-company leadership connections and facilitate important external industry perspectives. The mentorship environment is safe, providing a wonderful experience for growth discussion.

87% Participant Satisfaction

Positive feedback from mentors/mentees

87% of mentoring participants are enjoying their mentoring relationship and feel they are a perfect match.
Mentorloop Most Impactful Mentoring Program Awards 2023

Mentorloop Impact Award Winner 2022 and 2023

Hundreds of five-star experiences from LEAD Network mentors and mentees

LEAD Network Mentee
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My mentor is the best person for communication and sharing experience. I don't notice how time flies during our meetings.
LEAD Network Mentee
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My mentor continues being encouraging, friendly, positive, motivating and provides concrete ideas. Superstar!
LEAD Network Mentee
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My mentor is very available and full of insightful feedback. He is supporting me through some coaching session that helps me a lot to grow and to think broadly.
LEAD Network Mentee
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We have had a productive mentoring relationship. I have enjoyed learning about her business and assisting her in her career
LEAD Network Mentor
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Good and trustful relationship established with mentee. Really enjoying interaction and opportunity for dual learning

This Case Study is a continuation from the previous award-winning programme by LEAD Network

Before Mentorloop

Prior to Mentorloop, we had incredible matching challenges due to the complexity of our cross-company, cross-culture, cross-function approach.

Programme Impact

The LEAD Network Mentoring Programme is well-balanced to have an impact for both mentors and mentees – due to the cross-company, cross-culture, and cross-function matching and the great opportunity within Mentorloop to set and follow milestones our participants can grow together.

This Programme offers personal and professional growth with additional bite-size sessions on specific topics, requested by the participants. These events ensure we’re building a community supporting their learning journey.

Looking to the Future

We would like to improve the engagement as we had some drop-outs as well and we would like to create more connecting points between peers.

We are really happy collaborating with Mentorloop – the platform ensures our program is of the highest quality.


Dorottya Gill-Zalay

Dorottya Gill-Zalay

Education Manager, LEAD Network

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Dorottya Gill-Zalay

We are really happy collaborating with Mentorloop - the platform ensures our program is of the highest quality.

– Dorottya Gill-Zalay, Education Manager, LEAD Network

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