Connecting nib across teams, locations, and countries

Andrew Corfield, Talent & Capability Lead,
Kate Lloyd Learning & Organisational Development Advisor,
nib Group

91% Participant Satisfaction

Positive feedback from mentors/mentees

Another successful year of mentoring, feedback was consistently gathered from mentoring participants with some incredible qualitative feedback to match.

Embedded in our Graduate Program

Graduates are matched with a mentor to help connect them to the organisation

Connecting graduates with a mentor outside their teams has helped them gain a better understanding of the business.

Connecting people across teams, locations, and countries

Successful mentoring relationships regardless of where participants are based

91% of mentor/mentee relationships occur across different teams and 72% across different locations.

What nib loves most about Mentorloop:

Mentorloop Most Impactful Mentoring Program Awards 2023

Mentorloop Impact Award Winner 2023

The Mentorloop Sentiment feedback is crucial for us to be able to ensure participants are having positive experiences:

Drew & Matilda

Drew (mentor)“Matilda has been incredible in her application and commitment to self-growth over the last 12 months - her attention to detail and willingness to grow and learn within nib has been amazing to watch unfold.”

Matilda (mentee)“Drew has been an absolute legend. He is an amazing mentor who holds me accountable and truly has helped me grow. I have smashed out so many goals so far and it has only been a couple of months. Really thankful for him.”

Sally & Josie

Sally (mentor)“Has been an easy relationship from the start - Josie is open to ideas and reflection and is making the most of the opportunity.”

Josie (mentee) “I am really enjoying my catch ups with Sally. They help me set myself up and focus for the week as a leader. Her input and suggestions have been helpful towards some difficult tasks I've had to manage.”

Mentorloop has given employees a formal structure to learn through each other, and cultivated a great sense of connection between employees, regardless of where they are based in the organisation or around the world.

Program Impact

At nib, we have a hybrid working approach, which means that our employees work outside the office most of the time and visit our hubs to connect and collaborate for specific events, meetings or activities. 

That’s why Mentorloop is a good fit for us. It allows people to connect for the purpose of their own self-development, with someone who they might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet in a typical office environment.

This is reflected by 91% of mentor/mentee relationships occurring across different teams and 72% across different locations including Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wellington, and Cork.

More recently, Mentorloop has been incorporated into our Graduate Program to ensure graduates are connected with a different part of the business other than their team. This has helped them to gain a better, more rounded understanding of the business while providing an additional touchpoint along their development journey.   

The value of these connections can’t be expressed enough and is clearly reflected in participant’s sentiment and our high mentoring quality score.     

Looking to the Future

Program coordinators Andrew and Kate are now working on a couple of initiatives to continue growing the culture of mentoring within nib. They talk about how they’re planning to use mentoring to add even more value to their graduate program, as well as aid their succession planning initiatives.

Learn more about these plans straight from Andrew and Kate:

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“Mentorloop has given employees a formal structure to learn through each other, and cultivated a great sense of connection between employees, regardless of where they are based in the organisation or around the world.”

– Andrew Corfield, Talent and Capability Lead, nib Group

“The nib Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for employees to establish goals and track their own progress throughout the mentoring partnership. We believe this provides the support that is needed to set our people up for success”.

– Kate Lloyd, Learning & Organisational Development Advisor

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