Apps & Integrations

The best mentoring occurs where you're already operating. Mentorloop's suite of integrations are built to support you and your team, to weave mentoring into your own eco-system with ease.

Seamless Sign-ups

Single Sign-on (SSO) enables participants to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using just one set of credentials.

Not part of an organisation but still want to reap the benefits? No worries, your participants can sign on using social sign-on such as Google and Linkedin.

single sign-on and social sign-on
calendar integrations

Frictionless Scheduling

Never miss a meeting - scheduling mentoring catch-ups is a breeze with calendar integrations.

Meet Wherever You Are

Meeting with your mentoring partner has never been easier. Create a Zoom or MS Teams video chat, send direct messages in your 'loop' or simply log your in-person meetings by setting follow-up tasks and goal-setting.

Your Program, Your Data

Work with our team to identify what makes sense to bring over to the Mentorloop platform or simply customise by request. Integrating with popular HRIS solutions. Talk to us about your program migration and consolidation, importing, syncing.


Mentorloop's API powers all of our integrations, get in touch to learn more.

Security, Covered

Mentorloop is a Cyber Essentials certified company.

Verified by external auditors, we require secure connections for all users and encrypt all data at rest. We follow application security best practices. Mentorloop hosts all data with the leading cloud providers (Amazon and Google), all of which have secure audited data centres. Unless by request, we exclusively host data in Australia and the United Kingdom respective to your mentoring program location. 

We take your data, the data of our customers, very seriously. In addition to our stringent info-security practices, we work with third-party security services and network scanning tools to reduce vulnerabilities and security threats to your data.

Further details and documentation regarding our vendors’ compliance and security posture may be provided on request.

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