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Mentorloop is making mentoring more accessible than ever. With Mentorloop Pro, mentoring programs are no longer reserved for huge organisations with deep pockets. 

Now, you can build, run and scale a mentoring program whether you’re supporting a community group or smaller team – you’ll have access to the right amount of tools to get the job done with ease.

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Share the
program basics

Your program population, timeline and goals will assist in steering your program towards mentoring success.

Select a
matching style

Matches self-selected by your participants will benefit from trusted algorithmic recommendations, or simply make matches yourself.

Choose a
program theme

Based on programs similar to yours from around the world, your program will be tailor made to steer you toward success. 

Never run a mentoring program before?

It won’t seem like it.

With Mentorloop Pro, you’ll be guided towards building a successful program from day one with access to:

Guided by insights of thousands of successful mentoring relationships

Be guided by insights that are based on the success of tens of thousands of life-changing connections around the globe.

Your participants will also benefit from this knowledge with:

👍 Measure Success

‘Sentiment’ makes it easy to capture the feedback needed to understand individual relationship quality. Unlike other mentoring platforms, you’ll be able to surface the health of your program every step of the way. Your live dashboard will assist in benchmarking and displaying an overview of your whole program. 

Know your program health in seconds

Designed to assist you in focusing on the five key indicators of program success, your dashboard ensures you always feel in control. 

Surface your mentoring
success, in real-time

Say goodbye to annual surveys 👋 
ou’ll never need to wait until the end of a program to evaluate your people’s progress, again.

two women engaging in peer mentoring

Build your Mentoring Narrative

The ‘Art and Science’ of Mentoring is at your fingertips. Review analytical data in real-time to assess the health of your program, while also capturing real mentoring stories, from real people to promote your program to others. 

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