Kmart Group improves collaboration and support between teams

with Natasha Chung-Voon,
Talent and Engagement Manager

Kmart Group, Australia

What Kmart Group loves most about Mentorloop:

Smart matched over 190 mentors and mentees in one go

Smart matching saved time and effort

Mentorloop’s mentoring experts tailored the matching algorithm to take into account participants' details such as their goals, development areas and department, saving the Program Coordinators time and effort.

Strong endorsement of the program

Positive feedback from mentors/mentees

100% of participant survey respondents felt that the organisation should continue with the mentoring program
Mentorloop Most Impactful Mentoring Program Awards 2023

Mentorloop Impact Award Winner 2023

We've had such positive feedback from mentors and mentees alike

Treena Huynh
Treena Huynh
Kmart Group Mentee
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The Mentorloop platform has perfectly matched my development need with the expertise of my mentor Dan. With the help of Mentorloop structure and guides, Dan and I were able to have honest and clear conversations that has helped me grow professionally and personally. Maintaining momentum has also been key to keeping the conversation going and enabling our mentor-mentee relationship to naturally grow.
Simmy Bhasin
Simmy Bhasin
Kmart Group Mentee
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The mentoring program worked well for me, and I am really pleased with the way it allowed me to discuss work and career-related topics with someone from outside of my function with no direct connection with my work. Mark helped me to recognise the themes of my aspirations as well as share his knowledge, experience and relevant resources. The open two-way communication also helped to build trust between us and allowed me to achieve my goals.

Through regular interactions, mentors and mentees have been able to exchange ideas and co-create solutions to overcome challenges.

Before Mentorloop

We saw an opportunity to implement a mentoring program that would help us accelerate the leadership capabilities of team members who we identified as having strong potential and critical to our talent pipeline.

Being a relationship-based business, we also needed a program to help develop cross-functional and cross-company networks and relationships.

To support this program, we needed a platform that would:

  • Allow us to create matches with our defined criteria in an efficient way
  • Enable scalability
  • Allow for measurement of sentiment and overall program impact.

Program Impact

As a result of the mentoring program, we have been able to foster professional and personal growth among participants.

By pairing experienced mentors with mentees, the program has been able to create a unique platform for knowledge transfer and leadership skill enhancement.

This has not only benefitted mentees who have been provided with guidance and insights from those with practical experience, but it has also empowered mentors to refine their leadership and communication abilities.

Our mentoring program has contributed positively to our organisational culture by showcasing our strong commitment to employee well-being and advancement. This commitment in turn, has nurtured a positive work environment where individuals feel valued and supported, resulting in improved collaboration and overall performance.

Through regular interactions, mentors and mentees have been able to exchange ideas, challenge existing perspectives and co-create solutions to problems.

It has been, and continues to be, a powerful tool for developing leadership skills, nurturing talent and propelling our high-performance organizational

Key Statistics:

  • Our match rate is 99%
  • Almost 100% of people have engaged in meaningful connections within Mentorloop
  • The matching algorithm has enabled us to save over 40 hours from doing manual matches
  • 100% of survey respondents felt that the organisation should continue to have a mentoring program
  • 97% of survey respondents experienced learning and growth within the program

Positive feedback shared by previous mentees:

Skill development:
Mentees reported enhanced skills in areas such as communication, problem-solving, and decision-making through personalised guidance from experienced mentors.

Confidence boost: Mentees gained self-confidence as they received validation and support from mentors, helping them overcome challenges and self-doubt.

Career growth: Mentees experienced accelerated career growth, with clear guidance on career paths, goal setting and strategies for advancement.

Networking: The program facilitated valuable networking opportunities, connecting mentees with mentors’ professional circles.

Personalised learning: Mentees benefitted from tailored advice and insights that catered to their individual goals, leading to more effective learning and development.

Positive feedback shared by previous mentors:

Leadership skills:
Mentors enhanced their leadership skills by guiding mentees through challenges.

Fresh perspectives: Mentors gained new perspectives and insights from mentees which fostered new ways of thinking.

Legacy and impact: Mentors found a sense of fulfillment in contributing to the growth of the next generation of leaders and having a positive impact on their careers.

Skill refinement: Mentors honed their communication and interpersonal skills by adapting their guidance to suit each mentee’s unique needs.

Networking: Engaging with mentees exposed mentors to new networks and perspectives, enriching their professional connections and commercial knowledge.

Looking to the Future

We plan to participate in Mentoring Challenges in the future to help create stronger participant engagement. We also plan to increase the number of program participants (and therefore recruit more influential leaders as mentors) to help grow the program. Finally, we are looking for ways to enable more networking opportunities that goes beyond borders given we have interstate and international program participants.


Ella Burnett

Talent and Engagement Coordinator at Kmart Group

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Our mentoring program has contributed positively to our organisational culture by showcasing our strong commitment to our team members’ career growth and advancement.

This commitment in turn, has nurtured a positive work environment where individuals feel valued and supported, resulting in improved collaboration and overall performance.

– Natasha Chung-Voon, Talent and Engagement Manager, Kmart Group

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