I'm proud to be a part of the award-winning, USTA Cross-Cultural Mentorship Program

With special thanks to Program Coordinator,
Stefanie Iennaco and Natalia Pedroza

Our mentorship program is different than a traditional match up. With everyone at a peer-mentor level, the focus is really on learning more about one another, our background, culture, similarities and differences.


Being matched up with someone with a different background than you has allowed for really genuine connections that challenge our unconscious bias and allow participants to move forward with new understandings and viewpoints. This has helped to improve connections and culture- as well as grow DEI initiatives in the organization.

One of my favorite pieces of feedback we have received was, "The more you talk about these topics, the easier it is to start to see where your biases are. I had some 'aha' moments where I realized my bias - one I swore I didn't have - and now I can work on it."

It is exactly why we started this program - to allow colleagues to build relationships in new ways and to challenge each other - and themselves.

– Stefanie Iennaco

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