Flexera and Revenera

I'm proud to be a part of the award-winning, Flexera and Revenera Mentoring Program

With special thanks to Program Coordinators,
Vinci Lam and Kathy Tomlinson


We believe that our mentoring program has supported employees in all stages of their careers. Our employees have been able to focus on working on their own skills, which has improved their learning and development needs. Whether that be technical skills or soft skills, our mentoring quality score/comments have shown us that our employees have been able to work on ‘career aspiration’, ‘learning new features’ of a particular software, ‘overcome challenges’. Our mentors have also benefitted from Mentorloop, since they have felt inspired by ‘watching people develop’ and be a part of someone’s journey.

Vinci Lam and Kathy Tomlinson

"Those who are new to the industry have been able to connect with experienced mentors who have worked with Flexera's products for years. Equally, people who are experienced in their field have also taken part in being mentored, to boost their career and learn how to get to the next 'tier' in their role.

Participating mentors have really enjoyed watching their mentees grow and develop through their advice and support and are 'finding great value in this mentorship program'."

Kathy Tomlinson – Organisational Effectiveness Director
Vinci Lam – Organisational Effectiveness Coordinator

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