4 ways to mentor you haven’t thought of yet

Ideas to kickstart your mentoring for the new year

Mentoring went from strength to strength in 2019, as did Mentorloop with new organisations joining our mentoring movement, we’ve matched thousands of people together in powerful mentoring relationships. This movement has no signs of slowing down in 2020.

Your new year’s resolutions have been set, for many of you this will include the intention to be a mentor or mentee. If you are entering a mentoring relationship for the first time, or want to seek out a mentor there are a few ways you can go about it! There is no one way to do mentoring, you can have multiple mentors or mentees at any point, which will help you gain clarity and direction in all aspects of your life.

Here’s a few ways you can use mentoring to your advantage in 2020. Find out which approach fits you the best and get started today!

Just In Time Mentoring.

This is the mentor for the right time, not necessarily forever. This mentor will get you from point A to point B, then it might be time to reach out to someone new who will help you reach your next milestone. The benefits are immediate, just in time mentoring helps you reach that goal quickly and efficiently, and can your organisation develop a culture of learning and collaboration, promoting “the overall idea that your company values collaboration, education and celebrates engagement and the circulation of new ideas.”

Personal Advisory Board

At Mentorloop we believe in the power of having your very own board of advisors. Don’t have just one mentor to check in with on a monthly basis, have a number of them. Different mentors with different strengths to assist you, nudge you in to becoming the person you know you are capable of. Your advisory board may consist of your cheer squad – those who are encouraging and supporting you every step of the way. Other board members are your subject matter experts, your peers who are going through the same battles and challenges you are, or those that are just a tiny bit ahead – who understand what you are experiencing. Your mentors are there for the problems where their expertise is most appropriate.

Reverse Mentoring

The reverse mentoring trend continues in 2019 – further signifying the fact that mentoring is no longer just hierarchical. Reverse mentoring flips the traditional model on its head, and mentoring becomes a “two-way street.” The more junior member in your mentoring match is just as much of a mentor as their senior. The benefits of reverse mentoring are many, it closes the knowledge gap for both members, empowers the emerging generation of leaders and can “inclusivity by bridging the gap between populations diverse in age, exceptionalities, ethnicity and gender.”

Peer mentoring

Don’t forget, you’re never too young or inexperienced to be a mentor – in fact, the perfect mentor is only one step ahead of you on your journey. A peer mentoring match “encourages a reciprocal learning environment and creates a sense of community with your mentoring relationship.” Peer mentoring can be organic, you may not even realise it’s happening, but through spending time with your friends, peers, colleagues you are learning every day.

Are you ready to get started? Get in touch with Mentorloop today.

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