Momentum Management on Mentorloop

Effortlessly guide and engage your cohort for maximum mentoring momentum

Mentorloop’s mentoring momentum management tools intelligently guide your participants
throughout their personal mentoring journeys for you,
cutting down the workload that comes with keeping your participants engaged.

Goal setting, tasks, and a shared mentoring workspace

Focus and accountability, built in for every participant

Empower your participants to design their own mentoring journey.

With the ability to log goals and tasks, they can be the masters of their own destinies. And the ability to share them with their mentoring partners helps them keep themselves accountable.

Let Mentorloop guide your participants towards achieving their goals without one-to-one guidance from you.

The right support and guidance at the right time

Maintain mentoring momentum with ease

Let Mentorloop take care of guiding your participants through their mentoring journey. 

With contextual Nudges that are relevant to where they are in their journey, positive reinforcement in the form of Kudos, and access to our Mentor and Mentee Training Course, your participants get the guidance, support, and reinforcement they need exactly when they need it.

Mentoring knowledge at your cohort's fingertips

Give your participants the gift of mentoring knowledge

Provide your mentors and mentees with the best mentoring guidance with Recommended Reading

You can keep it simple and stick with Mentorloop’s curated library of resources on mentoring best practices or populate it with your own selection to cater to more specific program goals.

Nikki Schueder
Nikki Schueder
People Program Coordinator, ARUP
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It allows us to have a great program with little overhead cost. Additionally, it has improved cross-discipline connections across our North and South American offices.
Our previous mentoring programs have all lost momentum until we adopted Mentorloop as our tool.
Carmen Nursiah J
Carmen Nursiah J
Senior Laboratory Technician
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Mentorloop is a great platform for mentoring. It was my first experience with the software and they send you materials on how to be a good mentee/mentor and do follow ups throughout the process making sure you're making the best out of this experience!
Verified User in Farming
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Easy to navigate and get set up. Ability for the platform to capture feedback from participants throughout their experience is gold as well. I liked most of all the prompts that promotes user interaction.
Felicity Lampert and Georgie Fidge
Felicity Lampert and Georgie Fidge
Roads Australia
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When first using Mentorloop it proved to be a focus point for the fellows. It allowed them to find documents to take into their meetings and assist them with building confidence in their mentoring meetings. It has been a fantastic tool for Roads Australia. This has been an essential tool and will continue to be in the future.

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