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“Employee belonging has moved front and centre in the war to attract and retain top talent”

- Gallup, 2022

It's never been more important to measure the mentoring program metrics that matter

💡 Mentorloop focuses on collecting balanced data:


Qualitative Data

Build your mentoring narrative by weaving people and their stories back into your reporting, tracking their sentiment and satisfaction through quality, timely feedback. 



Quantitative Data

Everything you’d naturally expect – from tracking match rates, measuring participation growth over time and number of attended meetings and activity.  

💡 This data is collected at different levels of your program:

A network of people and highlighting individuals

Clarity at every level

Dive into the detail or zoom out to the bigger picture

Support your program or individuals, when and where they need it. Stay on top of your cohort at the macro level or dive deeper into individual loops or participant profiles.

Maximise your time by determining who may need a helping hand to rematch, or who you can celebrate their success with.

a singular participant


Explore activity detail and individual feedback

two participants in a mentoring relationship


Track the progress and quality of individual relationships

multiple participants in a mentoring program


Understand your overall program health in an instant

💡 Sentiment assists you to collect feedback, course-correct and share your success:

Collect feedback

Say good-bye to annual surveys

Be certain on how your mentoring program is faring with the Mentoring Quality System (MQS). Gathered at key points along the mentoring journey, feedback is collected from participants and aggregated, displayed in your Live Dashboard.

Unlock the power of asynchronous mentoring -mentoring programs where participants join at any time, be at different points in their overall mentoring journey, or at different stages in multiple mentoring relationships. You’ll still have the oversight on where everyone is at. 

A short survey asking how the participants mentoring experience was
a graphic representation of the status of a mentoring program


Stay on track with guidance for you, and your participants

Enjoy the freedom to plan-as-you-go, with the confidence of structure as your program scales. With Mentorloop Insights, you’ll be guided towards success as your program matures.


With Insights, you’ll be leveraging Mentorloop’s years of experience enabling tens of thousands of of life-changing connections every year. 

Making it easier than ever to get started, take it week-by-week as Mentorloop keeps you on course with helpful insights and direction.

Milestones and Nudges

For your participants, we provide the framework for mentoring to flourish – guided by Mentoring Milestones to unlock and contextual Nudges to keep them on-track and ensure their trajectory is aimed toward success.

Share your success:

Beautiful program reporting built to share

Share your success in seconds with Mentorloop’s easy downloadable reports. Still keen to slice and dice? Manage your program data in database view and make use of filters and tags. 

Mentorloop downloadable reports

Know your program health in seconds

Designed to assist you in focusing on the five key indicators of program success, your dashboard ensures you always feel in control. 

two women engaging in peer mentoring

Build your Mentoring Narrative

With the ‘Art and Science’ of Mentoring at your fingertips, review analytical data in real-time to assess the health of your program, while also capturing real mentoring stories, from real people to promote your program to others. 

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