Mentorloop Participant Experience

Excellent mentoring experiences for every mentor and mentee

The Mentorloop Participant Experience has been designed to support every step of your participants’ journey.

As Mentorloop sets your participants up for success, here's what they can look forward to:

Build Your Profile

Put your best foot forward

Share a bit about yourself with other mentors and mentees in your profile. A strong profile ensures you’ll be matched with the right mentor or mentee. 


Find your perfect match or leave it to the experts

Finding the right match can be daunting, so there are a number of ways that Mentorloop guides you toward that perfect match:

Your Loop

All of your mentoring relationships in one place

Your dashboard shows all of your mentoring relationships (Loops) that you’re working on. Add another mentor or mentee and continue building your personal advisory board.


Build momentum, with Milestones

Each of your Loops will likely be at a different stage in the mentoring lifecycle. While some mentoring relationships progress quickly and are fast to complete goals, others will take their time building rapport, and providing more long-term constant support. 


The right content, delivered at the right time

Depending on where each of your mentoring relationships is at, you’ll receive expert mentoring advice and guidance from Mentorloop’s years of experience supporting thousands of connections year on year.


Achieve your goals and track progress

Goals are easy to create, track and share with others.


Be part of something bigger, in one simple feed

You’re not alone – check out what other mentors and mentees have been up to. Celebrating mentoring between mentors and mentees. 

Mentorloop Certified

Gain your Mentorloop Certification

Be rewarded for taking part in your mentoring program, sharing your experience with others and lifting those around you.

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