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Your Mentorloop Program Coordinator Dashboard has been designed to assist you in focusing on the five key indicators of program success.

Your dashboard covers the five elements of all successful programs:






Let's explore them:

1. Participants

Track your program growth

Whether your program runs in cohorts of six or twelve months, or always-on, you’ll be able to track the growth of your mentoring program. 

2. Matching

Make life-changing connections

Maintain a healthy match rate over time by keeping an eye on your Matching module. You’ll be able to quickly see those who have matched recently. If you’re running a self-match program, you’ll know exactly when to encourage your participants or run the algorithm to match those outstanding. From here, dive in deeper to explore your Matching data. 

3. Milestones

Build momentum with Milestones

When programs become asynchronus – that is, participants are entering your program at any time that suits them – it’s important to be able to track where they are in their journey.

You get an overview, while Mentorloop takes care of supportive resources and content based on their milestone. 

4. Sentiment

Steer your program in the right direction

Too often, mentoring programs are assessed when it’s too late – at the end of a program. Sentiment ensures you know whether participants are enjoying their mentoring experience, feeling good about their match and give feedback – in the moment. 

No more survey tools required, Mentorloop has you covered. It even integrates with tools such as Slack to ensure survey fatigue is a thing of the past. 

5. Highlights

Enjoy all of your mentoring activity, in one simple feed

Quickly catch-up on what’s been happening in your program as it arrives. Gather feedback to share with stakeholders or use it promote your program to new participants. You’ll always have an insight into what’s happening in your world of mentoring.

Mentorloop ANalytics and Reporting - downloadable reports

Share your PDF summary in seconds

Prep for that stakeholder meeting in seconds with the Mentorloop downloadable PDF report. Download your mentoring program report in seconds, directly from your dashboard with all your data up-to-date. 

Surface your mentoring
success, in real-time

Say goodbye to annual surveys 👋 
ou’ll never need to wait until the end of a program to evaluate your people’s progress, again.

a laptop with the Mentorloop dashboard open
two women engaging in peer mentoring

Build your Mentoring Narrative

The ‘Art and Science’ of Mentoring is at your fingertips. Review analytical data in real-time to assess the health of your program, while also capturing real mentoring stories, from real people to promote your program to others. 

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