Mentorloop Analytics and Reporting

Turn real-time data into beautiful reports

Mentorloop Analytics and Reporting - Dashboard

Program Dashboard

Participant Infographics

Mentorloop ANalytics and Reporting - downloadable reports

Downloadable Reports

Mentorloop Analytics and Reporting - Monthly Digest

Monthly Digests

Real-time, actionable data at a glance

Steer your program in the right direction

The Mentorloop Program Dashboard is designed to make sure you’re on top of the 5 key indicators of program success at all times.

Powered by Mentorloop’s unique Sentiment Analysis and Feedback System, you get both qualitative and quantitative feedback in real-time, served to you in beautiful, easy-to-digest charts.

Mentorloop Analytics and Reporting - Dashboard
Mentorloop Analytics and Reporting - Dashboard Insights

With Mentorloop’s Analytics and Reporting, you don’t just have beautiful data – we make sure it’s actionable

Your dashboard Insights will recommend action points based on your program’s data. It also shows you industry benchmarks so you always know how your program is faring.

Go beyond demographics

Get to know your cohort in the areas that matter

Do you need to make sure you have a good gender representation for your DEI program? Need info on what your mentees are looking to upskill in the most? Or keen to see if your recent recruitment efforts for underrepresented departments worked? 

Mentorloop’s Participant Infographics will show you exactly what you need.

Mentorloop ANalytics and Reporting - downloadable reports

Beautiful reporting with just a click

Communicate your success with reports built for sharing

Need a beefier report for your stakeholders? No problem!

When you export your program data, Mentorloop gives you a full breakdown of the 5 key indicators of program success, all in a shareable form with presentation-ready modules.

Monthly updates on the things that matter

Ensure success wherever you are

Running your mentoring program isn’t the only thing you’re busy with. So Mentorloop keeps you regularly updated with the latest activity in your program, along with some key data points so you can stay on top of things, even when you’re not signed in.

Any new signups? How’s my MQS score? Is my matching rate stable?

Your Monthly Digest will let you know.

Mentorloop Analytics and Reporting - Monthly Digest

Get context behind the numbers

Keep human connection front and center

Data’s great, but data doesn’t always give you a whole lot of context – kind of important in a mentoring program. 

Unfortunately, context is something that most mentoring software providers won’t give you. Not Mentorloop. 

With Highlights, you get to see the real impact of your program. Whenever new Loops are created, mentees give their mentors great feedback, or even if something’s not going swimmingly in a match, your Highlights feed will let you know.

With Mentorloop Analytics and Reporting, you get the full picture, always.

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