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Bis is at the forefront of the mining services industry, moving resources all throughout Australia and Indonesia. Their work requires the tightest logistics and safest work principles to remain effective in a competitive industry. How do they make it happen?

We had the chance to catch up with the team at Bis to learn how they’re creating this culture of success.


As the Leadership and Capability Lead at Bis, Glenn Hunter is driven by seeing his people achieve their business and personal development goals. With 15 years in learning and development, Glenn has implemented several engagement programs.

Glenn had been developing the ‘Emerging Leaders’ program at Bis to harness the potential of his emerging leaders. But he needed a way to ensure the program was successful long into the future. When a colleague of Glenn’s heard about Mentorloop and shared it with him, he knew this was the solution he was looking for:

“I wanted a platform for our employees to record and track their conversations, but also for the mentor to be able to create and assign some tasks for the mentee. We have quite a dispersed workforce across Australia and now into Indonesia. The good thing about the platform is that someone in WA can have a Mentorloop with someone on the other side of the country.

“For me as the coordinator, it means I can see how the relationships are going. And if they haven’t met up for a few weeks I can give them a nudge and suggest it’s maybe time for a coffee.”

When we asked Glenn if his people are enjoying the program one particular mentorship came to mind.



Grantly Hamilton is an operations manager in Tasmania with over a decade of experience. Trevor Hage is a haulage supervisor in Western Australia and a rising star at Bis. Both work in operations, but Grantly is a few steps ahead of Trevor’s career path… and a few thousand kilometres away.

The benefit of this particular mentorship is two-fold.

Firstly, because they’re from the same company they enjoy a mutual understanding. As Grantly puts it, “We can share the jargon. We understand the same business policies and values – Zero Harm, Unity, Passion, Excellence and Relationships.”

Secondly, by working on different sides of the country, they’re able to speak openly and honestly without any politics getting in the way. This really resonates with Trevor. “I could get feedback from Grantly that wasn’t biased. It was helpful to know that what I was doing was right in itself.”

But when faced with a difficult decision, this mentorship became more than just an engagement tool for Trevor and Grantly. It had a direct impact on the business’ outcomes.

Trevor shared his experience: “
There was a situation happening that didn’t sit right with me – it didn’t sit right by our people. So I discussed it with Grantly. His experience helped me see what the worst possible outcome and also remember to stay true to our beliefs”

We spoke to Grantly to get his insights:

“It’s not our company’s values for people to do work they aren’t trained in. So when Trevor talked to me about his situation I sent him some info and shared some personal beliefs. I told him ‘In life there are some things that you’ll never stray from. They’re your personal values or morals. One of mine is that if something is unsafe I’ll do something about it. I’ll make sure I’ve done my utmost to ensure we don’t hurt anyone or anything.’ And that’s when Trevor made some changes.”

Trevor’s relationship with Grantly had a real impact on Trevor and his team at Bis.

“This mentorship has given me the confidence to stand by what I believe in, and to stand for what I think is right within the business unit and for my people.”

We asked Trevor if he’d recommend mentoring to his colleagues. His response? “I would. It opens up your mind. Sometimes you can think something has only ever happened to you. But I wouldn’t have known someone else had been through it if I hadn’t asked Grantly. It gives you a different perspective. A different outlook.”



It looks like Glenn was right about Mentorloop and the potential for his business and people.

What are the next steps for Bis? Glenn reckons, “It’s early days. But with a bit of work, my plan going forward is to roll this out more widely across the business in the new financial year.”

Needing to get management buy-in for your mentor program? We’ve got the perfect proposal framework to green-light your program.

Want a closer look at the Mentorloop platform? Request a demo and someone from our team will be in touch shortly.


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