Creating life-changing connections for members of the National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors (NAIFA)

with Kaila Wilson
Chapter Services Coordinator

What NAIFA loves most about Mentorloop:

Some features I enjoy most about mentor loop is the ability for mentors and mentees to leave personal feedback on their mentoring relationship (Sentiment).

It helps us improve and consistently analyze how the pairs are connecting and enjoying the mentoring program. It also allows us to quickly be notified of any issues that may occur and for us to promptly find a solution.

Another feature is the ability to filter in so many different areas within the program for smooth matching. This allows us to match participants based on interest, skills, organization, and practice area to ensure the most compatible matches are being created.

Also, the ability to export PDF reports has allowed our program to stay on track with progress and monitor any areas that may need additional attention with our program rapidly expanding.

This has also allowed us to effectively create a waitlist while we expand the program and keep track of the stages, our matches work through.

'Always-on' asynchronous mentoring

Asynchronous Mentoring Supporting Every Member

Mentorloop Milestones and the Participant Dashboard ensures that mentoring participants can join a program at any time, begin a mentoring relationship at any time and have multiple mentoring relationships on-the-go, with each of those experiences fully supported and guided.

89% Participant Satisfaction

Positive feedback from mentors/mentees

89% of mentoring participants reported a 5-star experience with the NAIFA mentoring program

#1 Highest Rated Mentoring Software

Mentorloop 'Sentiment' mentor and mentee feedback helps us improve and consistently be able to analyze how the pairs are connecting and enjoying the program in real-time.

John D. Richardson
John D. Richardson
Mentor & Financial Planner
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Marquis is a fantastic mentee. I have really enjoyed getting to know him over the past few months and I'm looking forward to introducing him to our NAIFA family at the upcoming 2024 NAIFA Congressional Conference. Thanks, JDR
Kristi Scott
Kristi Scott
Mentee & VP Tax Diversification & Retirement Planning
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Kent is an amazing mentor who's gone above and beyond to encourage and support my successes.
Joshua Herrington-Vickers
Joshua Herrington-Vickers
Mentee & Brokerage Manager
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Ann has been so fantastic. She is so giving with her time and experience. She has taught me so much in our time together. Absolute fantastic leader and educator.
Zhi Hang Lin
Zhi Hang Lin
Mentee & Agent
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My mentor is nice and knowledgeable; he answered my questions and provided all the information I needed. This program is pretty useful.

Here we interview Kaila Wilson, Chapter Services Coordinator and Program Coordinator of the NAIFA Mentoring Program. 

Before Mentorloop

Before engaging Mentorloop the challenges we faced were that we knew mentoring was occurring informally, but there was no way to measure the impact.

Often, we got feedback from our members about how a Mentor/Mentee Program would be a very valuable benefit.

My team was interested in adopting a platform like  Mentorloop for quite a while, but the challenge was a worry of proselytizing. However, due to the great filters and customizable content, we have been able to establish matching requirements to prevent that from occurring and have seen great success with no issues since the launch of our program.

Program Impact

The NAIFA Mentorloop program has allowed great personal connections and participants to create and attain many goals within their match. Many have spoken about professional growth they have been able to achieve while being in a comfortable one-on-one setting.

Mentorloop offers great filters that have allowed us to match compatible individuals based on their interests and skills.

In turn, we have received wonderful feedback from participants who are even scheduled to meet their mentor or mentee in person and have opted to continue to utilize the program even after the completion of all stages.

Great feedback on social media outlets has also sparked an interest within our member base which has allowed us to continuously expand our program each quarter.

Participant feedback

Our mentoring program has received high quality Sentiment feedback from participants with our Mentoring Quality Score (MQS) standing at 4.47 out of five, close to 100% respondents.

I will point out the continuing success of one of our current matches, John Richardson (mentor) and Marquis Knight (mentee). John shared the following Sentiment feedback:

Marquis and I have connected three times via Zoom. We're getting to know each other personally and we're both growing professionally from the experience. Marquis is a fantastic mentee. I have really enjoyed getting to know him over the past couple months and I'm looking forward to introducing him to our NAA family at the upcoming 2024 NA A congressional conference. Marquis left the following review for John. John is extremely helpful and receptive. He is great to talk to and has a great understanding of what I need to help me grow. I could not have asked for a better mentor.

Looking to the Future

We plan to continue to promote and expand the network of the NAIFA Mentorloop Program, with another expansion in Q2!

We hope to continue to bring in members to this great benefit where they can gain a great connection with their matches.


My advice for those considering Mentorloop

If you’re considering using Mentorloop in your organization, here are some pieces of advice to help you make the most out of your platform:

1. Tailor the program to your organization’s needs.

Mentorloop offers customization options. So take advantage of them to align the program with your organization’s culture values and specific requirements. Consider factors such as mentorship duration, matching criteria, and communication channels.

2. Utilize the great support team at Mentorloop.

They offer many documents to guide you through the entire process and will happily host calls to go into detail about anything you may need. They allow you to feel comfortable sharing experiences, seeking advice and discussing challenges.

Kaila Wilson

Kaila Wilson

Chapter Services Coordinator at NAIFA

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Kaila Wilson

Our Mentorloop program has allowed for great personal connections and for these matches to create and attain many goals. Many have spoken about professional growth in a comfortable 1-on-1 setting.

– Chapter Services Coordinator, Kaila Wilson

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