I'm proud to be a part of the award-winning, URG Mentoring Program

With special thanks to Program Coordinators,
Ceci Mansilla and Diane Breckenridge

AWIT Advancing Women in Tech (AWIT) aims to reduce the DE&I gap that is pervasive in leadership in the tech sector.



For the current program we have partnered with a tech company to help a group of their employees, i.e., women and members of other underrepresented groups, succeed in their role as first-time people managers.

To accomplish this goal, we designed a program that combines training with mentoring. In addition to a curriculum of topic-driven interactive live sessions, we handpicked a number of mentors from our community and matched them with the mentees.

Since this is the first time we have run this kind of program, we are learning as we go, but especially the mentoring piece has been a big success. So much so, that a number of mentors have expressed interest in mentoring with AWIT in the future, even taking on more than one mentee at a time.

Several mentors even enquired if AWIT could find them a mentor as well.

Ceci Mansilla and Diane Breckenridge

"So far this program has proven valuable not only to the participants themselves, but also to our efforts to build a community of "the willing" who are just as committed to DE&I as we are.

Because this experience has been so exceptional, AWIT is already developing concepts for upcoming programs with the intention to increase the number of concurrent participants and to offer individualized "tracks".

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