Start a mentoring program in five minutes

start a mentoring program in five minutes

OK, so by now you know that 87% of your employees are disengaged at work, 44% of millennials have their foot out the door, and 21% of departing employees leave simply because they “want a change.

With stats like that it’s no surprise HR professionals are more stressed than ever.

But 2019 is around the corner, and we know that a mentoring program could be the solution to all your problems. In fact, it’s easier than you might think to get up a great mentoring program for your people. 

build a better mentoring program

Here’s a cheat sheet:

Define the “why” of your program

Perhaps you want to facilitate learning and development or create leadership opportunities for those who would normally miss out. You’ll also need to work out who will participate, will it be a select group or could you open it up to the entire organisation? If you’re having trouble articulating your why – we can help.

Decide how you will measure success

Next, we’ll need to decide how to measure success, both at an individual and at a program level. Do we need to take any current measurements to use as a program benchmark? Having a clearly defined “why” will also guide what success metrics you need to be tracking.

Engage your stakeholders

All organisations are different, but for some, you’ll need to engage your IT and procurement teams to help with planning for implementation. Ideally, you would also get the buy-in of senior management, this can be crucial to demonstrate top-down commitment to mentoring across the organisation. 

Create your matching criteria

Referring back to the “Why” of your program and the metrics we’ve put in place to measure success, it’s important we give consideration to the matching criteria. What information do we need to achieve our desired outcomes, and create the optimum participant experience? We have a library of questions and answers proven to improve the quality of matching we are happy to share if you don’t know where to start.

Consider how you will match

Do you want to retain control of the matching, or empower your team to self-select their own mentor? Or do you want to do a little bit of both? The quality of the match is what inevitably drives quality of outcomes so thinking about the best matching methodology based on your program objectives is important. Alternatively, leave it to the experts (tooting our own horn here) to match your participants with our matching algorithm based on input from over 30,000 life-changing connections. 

Market your program

It’s time to get your marketing hat on. Starting with what’s in it for the participants, we’ll need to create a strategy to ensure everyone understands why they should want to be involved, and how to sign up. This is the fun part.


OK, this is actually the fun part. It’s time to implement all of your hard work, and create great mentoring relationships!

Of course, we’re here to help, why not request a demo of the Mentorloop platform to help get started?

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David Veevers

I would like to say how blown away I am with the quality and quantity of Mentorloop resources, also it`s useability is well thought out, and the training series are invaluable This the abundance principle in action and say thank you for your insights and content.

I wish you more inspiration and Good Health.
yours appreciatively
David Veevers