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Curious to see how different associations go about running their mentoring prorams? Here are four great examples of industry association mentoring programs run by our awesome customers to check out.

Women Offshore MentorShip

The Women Offshore MentorShip is all about championing women who work on the water. There are now many women around the world who are excelling in offshore careers in predominantly male industries. There are also many women starting their careers in these industries and are looking for guidance on how to make their way through. This program virtually connects them with mentoring partners according to career goals.

This program started in 2018 and is still going today, receiving one of Mentorloop’s Most Impactful Mentoring Program Awards in 2021, making it one of the shining examples of industry association mentoring programs that truly support its members.

Recruitment Style: The program coordinators run the Women Offshore MentorShip in 6-month cohorts and they open it up for applications twice a year. 

Program Coordinators: A team of two, Founder Ally Cedeno and Executive Director Cassi Laskowski, manage this program.

Eligibility: The Women Offshore MentorShip is open to women anywhere in the world who have experience or currently work on the water in maritime or offshore oil and gas industries. They also welcome cadets to join the program.

After their 6-month mentoring pairing, participants can choose to opt-out, take a break, or continue on and get matched with a new mentoring partner. In addition to the Mentorloop resource hub, they also provide resources to support participants while away at sea, including resources in harassment management and sexual assault prevention. 

You can learn more about the Women Offshore MentorShip and how the program coordinators run this program here. Or give our podcast a listen to hear about the experience of a mentoring pair in this program.

New Zealand Law Society National Mentoring Program

The New Zealand Law Society National Mentoring Program is a free way for lawyers across New Zealand to connect and support each other professionally. 

It is structured in a way that counts as part of participants’ Continued Professional Development hours. 

This program started in 2019 and is still going today, with 722 participants.

Recruitment Style: This program is always on, running throughout the year allowing anyone eligible to join and find mentoring partners whenever it suits them. 

Program Coordinators: This program is run by one program coordinator. 

Eligibility: The NZ Law Society National Mentoring Program is open to all lawyers in all areas of legal practice in New Zealand regardless of career stage, ethnicity, mode of practice, gender, or place of work. They also allow participants to join as mentors, mentees, or both. They welcome participants who: 

  • hold a current practising certificate
  • have been admitted but are not yet practising
  • are between roles and do not currently hold a practising certificate

The program allows participants to have more than one mentoring partner if they choose to. They also provide resources and guides for their participants on their website. 

WIMWA Mentoring Program

The Women In Mining and Resources WA run a paid and professionally created program designed to support women in developing skills to grow and advance their careers in the mining and resources industries. Its goal is to connect participants who want or want to give advice and guidance in their field, careers, or professional goals.

This program started in 2019 and is still going today with 339 participants.

Recruitment Style: The WIMWA Mentoring Program is run in cohorts.

Program Coordinators: This program is managed by the WIMWA Mentoring Programme Committee, a team of 6.

examples of industry association mentoring programs - WIMWA Mentoring Program Committee

Eligibility: The programme is open to those who are currently employed in the mining and resources sector and is not available to students. They encourage applications from all disciplines and areas of the mining and resources sector: including operational, technical, people management and human resources, automation and business roles.

To learn about how mentoring programs can engage members, watch our on-demand webinar: Engaging Industry Association Members with Mentoring.

Girls In Tech Mentorship Program

The Girls in Tech Mentorship Program is a free program that aims to connect women who are working in the male-dominated tech industry, with like-minded professionals. In the tech industry women are more likely to be paid less, experience fewer promotions, and more often than not,  leave the industry before the age of 35. Girls in Tech want to change the tone of the industry and believe a difference can be made through mentoring. Mentoring will allow women in tech to gain confidence and promote their career success by connecting with people who can inspire their development of soft skills like:

  • Goal-setting
  • Networking
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Decision-making, and more

Recruitment Style: The runs in 6-month cohorts.

Program Coordinator: The mentoring program is run by one Program Coordinator, Victoria Moser. 

Eligibility: The Girls in Tech Mentorship Program accepts all women working in the tech industry from computer scientists, strategists, designers, managers, and more.

Girls In Tech expect their mentors and mentees to commit 15-20 hours over a 4-6 month period and provide them with supplementary resources like career resources, lectures, and coaching sessions along with the mentoring framework.

We hope you found these examples of industry association mentoring programs helpful!

To learn more about how mentoring can help you engage your members year-round, download our free webinar kit: Engaging Industry Association Members Through Mentoring. Join our Head of Sales for EMEA, Jess Benham, as she covers how industry associations can use mentoring to address member engagement and retention issues as well as the cost that comes with both.

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