3 Things The Top People-First Organisations of 2021 All Have

top people-first organisations

Gearing up for a new year ahead, we’re all looking for ways to make our organisations stronger and more competitive. Taking a look at the most successful organisations around the world, the fastest growing and most respected all unite on one front – putting their people first.

How? We’re talking about mentoring, of course.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the benefits to mentoring are clear and if your company hasn’t joined the mentoring movement yet, in 2021 you will be falling behind.

Here’s the facts:

Organisations are catching on quick and over the past year we’ve helped many people succeed through the power of mentoring, all over the world!

Mentoring confidence

We’re so lucky to be able to speak to people who are achieving their goals through mentoring, one such mentee is Nikki Abney from CHA Consulting based in the United States. Nikki was able to succeed because clear guidelines were set from the beginning of her mentoring relationship. As a result, Nikki and her mentor had structured and focused mentoring sessions, centring around gaining confidence. Nikki told us recently, “we have continuously talked about goals and what areas I can strive to improve to aid in my success with the company. Since being involved in the program, I find myself being more confident speaking with clients and sharing my thoughts among co-workers.” 

Mentoring trust

In successful mentoring relationships your mentor is a trusted advisor, they go in to bat for you – they support you. You don’t even need to be face-to-face. Nikki’s experience at CHA is an example of successful remote mentoring, so is Women Offshore, as is BIS Industries, which saw a mentoring relationship blossom between Grantly Hamilton in Tasmania and Trevor Hage is Western Australia. Grantly and Trevor’s relationship has been one built on mutual understanding, trust and honesty. Trevor explained, “I could get feedback from Grantly that wasn’t biased. It was helpful to know that what I was doing was right in itself.”

“This mentorship has given me the confidence to stand by what I believe in, and to stand for what I think is right within the business unit and for my people.” – Trevor Hage.

Mentoring empowerment

When mentoring is successful – society benefits as a whole. This is because mentoring creates interaction and human connection. Also, in an increasingly disconnected world, it’s nice to see people create connections with people outside of their usual circles.

We’re proud to be working with Women Offshore who are connecting women at sea all over the world through mentoring. Founder Ally Cedeno started this initiative to enable women working at sea to gain more guidance in their career “having been working on the water for 10 years, I always wanted a mentor. I had a few opportunities, and they were always short lived. And feeling so isolated in this industry, you don’t get to meet many other women.” Women mentoring other women is powerful and it is changing the world! According to Liz Etling at Forbes, it is critical for “women to band together if we want to achieve equality in the workplace and beyond…”

There is a hunger for mentoring which is exciting for us to see. Ally Cedeno talks about her excitement when launching the Women Offshore program, “I think the biggest surprise has been women signing up who I’ve never met. They’re from other parts of the world. They’re so far outside my personal loop. And they signed up right away. Women from Greece, Africa, all over!”

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