How Can I Improve My Mentoring Program?

There are two camps in the market for mentoring software:

(1) Organisations who are looking to start a mentoring program
(2) Organisations who are looking to improve their current mentoring program

Today, I am interested in answering the question posed by audience (2): How can I improve my mentoring program with mentoring software?

And here are a few of the answers:

Reduced admin:

If you are running your mentoring program without mentoring software, then it is probably inefficient and full of admin tasks including creating internal documents to inform people of the program; matching your mentors and mentees via spreadsheets; communicating all of this via email; and then attempting to report on program and individual outcomes. This is a heavy burden on the person running the program.

When you use a cloud-based mentoring platform, these tasks are made simple. You can disseminate one form to garner interest and create mentor/mentee profiles; easily match employees based on profile elements such as skills, goals, or any other custom field; communicate with all participants via the platform – and then sit back and relax as analytics and custom reports funnel through your monitor. All of this happens online in one spot. No spreadsheets – and no emails.

mentor program matching

The resulting scalability

The real result of this is that it makes your mentoring program more scalable. Doing it ‘the old way’, it would have been near-impossible to offer mentoring to 100, 200, or 500 people. With mentoring software, you can literally offer it to as many employees as you want with little to no increase in admin burden. This means more mentoring – and more benefit.

Resources and content tracks

An online platform also serves as a portal for providing mentors and mentees with resources and content which supplement and enhance their mentoring experience. These resources can be piped through the platform, be accessed on the platform, or sent via email. Some requisite and effective resources include goal-setting frameworks and spreadsheets, meeting checklists, and advice about how to be a great mentee or mentor – and you also have the freedom to send your own handcrafted or curated resources.


Mentorloop also comes with modern features that completely re-shape the potential of your program. Features like My Match enable your employees to browse, select and connect with the mentee/s or mentor/s who best suit their needs. The software serves as a platform for housing all of your employees and their profiles – ready to be searched and leveraged for great mentorships. These features drastically improve program engagement and the opportunity to create a perpetual culture of mentoring. In a big company, this opens up a plethora of new previously impossible connections and empowers individuals to take control of their own mentoring experience.

Tracking, measuring, and reporting

Mentoring software also makes measuring the success of the program possible, which is a pain point and frequently voiced frustration of mentoring programs. Mentorloop keeps track of the frequency of communication between mentors and mentees, while also serving as a tool for garnering program feedback through surveys and support. This makes it possible to preempt any negative experiences, make changes, as well as expand or adjust the program based on data.


And finally, one of the major and often unforeseen ways that mentoring software improves a mentoring program is by making inputs – and therefore outcomes – more consistent. It allows the coordinator to create smarter matches every time, ensure that every mentorship is supported by resources and content, and makes it possible and easy to manage an ongoing mentoring program without the hassle of coordination.

And the end result of all these enhancements is better outcomes for you, your employees, and your organisation. They mean less painful admin work for the coordinators – and a more engaging and fruitful experience for the employees.

There are countless ways that you can improve a mentoring program, but what is most important is putting the infrastructure in place to support and supplement the human interaction of a great mentoring relationship. And mentoring software serves as that infrastructure.

If you are interested in finding out if Mentorloop can help you improve your mentoring program – request some time with one of us here.

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