Preserving Human Connection in HR Programs

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While many other mentoring software providers measure everything numerically, here at Mentorloop, we think that can sometimes take human connection away from mentoring.

Instead of reducing people to just numbers, we believe that—at its heart—mentoring is about storytelling and shared experiences. In other words, it doesn’t make sense to measure a mentoring program with numbers and stats alone. Thankfully, Mentorloop’s Highlights feature provides you with the information you need to give context to other indicators of program success.

Why is measuring mentoring activity important?

Monitoring and evaluating your mentoring program constantly and consistently helps you not only improve future mentoring cohorts, but also those taking place right now. 

The best way to do this is by collecting both qualitative data, the art — and quantitative data, the science. This is why we make sure to incorporate both statistics and mentoring stories in our program reporting.

Mentoring stories provide you with deeper insights into your participants’ journeys, show you what they’ve learned so far as well as how they plan to continue, and help surface potential Mentoring Champions in your cohort.

These stories can also help preserve the human side of HR programs for both participants and Program Coordinators. But that’s not the only way…

Preserving Human Connection for Participants

Little things like profile photos and robust profiles may seem trivial, but they actually help bring peoples’ personalities into the mentoring experience. Therefore, make sure you encourage your participants to make the extra effort to include them.

On another note, integrations with tools like Slack help ensure survey fatigue is a thing of the past. They take into consideration everyone’s individual mentoring journeys and meet people where they’re at by making sure their mentoring journey works with how they’re already used to operating day-to-day. This helps make receiving consistent feedback more of a conversation and less of a burden.

Preserving Human Connection for Program Coordinators

As we mentioned, people are never just numbers at Mentorloop. Yes, metrics like Mentorloop Quality Score (MQS), Sentiment, and more are available, but they’re always complemented with qualitative context.

What’s more, real-time and live data mean you can see what’s happening as your participants are experiencing it – you’re along for their journey. And by surfacing the context in the data, you can reinforce the value and the why of your program.

Last but not least, by building your mentoring narrative, you’ll have something to share and communicate not only your program’s success, but your participants’ progress and success as well.

The Perks of Highlights

Highlights allow you to keep an eye on all of your mentoring activities in one, simple feed. This means you’ll be able to quickly catch up on what’s been happening in your program as it happens. You’ll also be able to gather feedback to share with company stakeholders or use it to promote your mentoring program to new participants.

Not only will you always have an insight into what’s happening in your world of mentoring, but you’ll also be able to surface your mentoring success in real-time and share your PDF summary in seconds.

At Mentorloop, we give you more than data — we give you context. Your people are more than numbers to us, as we’re sure they are to you. Learn how to effectively measure your mentoring program’s success today.

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Grace Winstanely
Grace Winstanely
Grace is the Senior Marketing Manager at Mentorloop. She is dedicated to making content that helps make mentoring more accessible to all and helping Program Coordinators deliver the best mentoring experience for their participants. She's also a keen cook, amateur wine connoisseur, sports fanatic, and lover of all things tropical.

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