Everything you need to implement an effective program from start to finish – on one platform.

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Save time and gather better matching data.

Don’t feel like juggling surveys, spreadsheets, and emails just to get people into your program? Onboard all of your program participants in a few minutes, whether you have 50 or 2000 employees. Simply send out one recruitment form – with fields customised to your organisations needs.

Onboard mentors and mentees
mentoring matching software


Save more time and create better mentor-mentee matches.

Don’t bother with the spreadsheets and guessing games. Quickly and accurately match your employees based on your chosen matching criteria, using filters and side-by-side comparisons. Create traditional mentoring pairs, or build out peer and team-mentoring groups.

“I have been paired with a very suitable mentor who has a similar enough background that his experience is relevant, but different enough that I can learn a lot about new (previously unthought of) areas where my skills can be applied.”

Student at La Trobe University


Make mentor-mentee interaction easy and effective.

Provide program participants with a dedicated mentoring portal for their mentor-mentee interactions. A portal where they are free to engage in live chat, share files, set goals, and keep track of their mentoring development.

Mentor-mentee communication
mentoring resources


Increase engagement & improve development outcomes.

Your employees aren’t mentoring experts, and sometimes they need a push in the right direction. Ensure everyone is having the best possible mentoring experience by giving them access to helpful mentoring tools, learning and development content, and ongoing technical support.


Accurately measure, gauge, and report on outcomes.

Don’t know how to demonstrate the ROI on mentoring? Access real-time engagement analytics and data from your coordinator dashboard. Prove employee outcomes and the success of your program with detailed reports and pulse surveys.

program analytics and reporting

“When we were first introduced to Mentorloop, we were impressed with how simple and efficient the system was to use and to track progress.”

June Parker, MD Selection Partners

“We have now switched to recommending Mentorloop to all our clients. It does all we need to support our program participants and administrators while remaining simple and intuitive enough to require little thought or effort to use.”

Barry Thomas, Altus Q

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