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mentoring software features
Marketing a mentoring program

Market your mentoring program like a pro.

Maximise the impact of your program and make it as exciting & attractive as possible, with custom branded marketing materials.

Sign mentors and mentees up, instantly.

Get people into your mentoring program in a few minutes, whether you have 50 or 2000 mentors and mentees. Simply send out one recruitment form – with survey questions customised for your organisations goals.

Mentoring program sign up

Create ideal mentor-mentee matches.

Use smart matching tools to quickly and accurately match your mentors and mentees based on your chosen criteria – including experience, skills, interests, location, and desired outcomes. Create traditional mentoring pairs, or build out peer and team-mentoring groups.

mentor mentee matching

“Clean platform. Very intuitive. Simple layout. Easy to use.”

Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia

Build a modern mentoring program for your modern workforce.

Click a toggle to enable My Match, an option which allows people to browse and connect with the mentors or mentees of their choice – giving them access to the right advice from the right people – whenever they need it.

mentoring software features
mentoring software

Make mentor-mentee interaction engaging and productive.

Provide your people with a private portal where they can engage in live chat, share files, set goals, and keep track of their personal development.

Mentorloop is integrated with other communication channels, for a more seamless mentoring experience.

Increase engagement & improve development outcomes.

Ensure everyone (including you) is having the best possible experience with contextual nudges, helpful resources, learning and development content, and technical support.

mentoring program resources
measure mentoring program

Measure and report program and organisational outcomes.

Access real-time engagement analytics from your coordinator dashboard, which capture the frequency of communication between mentors and mentees. Prove people outcomes and the ROI of your program with pulse surveys and detailed reports.

More than just software, if you need us to be.

Mentorloop is a mentoring software platform and your mentoring consultant. The software takes care of the admin and heavy lifting, and we humans help with the rest.

Sell the business case
Need to sell the impacts of mentoring? We can help you showcase the tangible benefits and known outcomes.

Setup for success
We will help align your mentoring program with your desired goals and outcomes.

Best-in-class support
Help is on-hand every step of the way, with a dedicated account manager and technical support.

Build your awesome mentoring program, easily.