Mentoring in Demand, But Not Offered to All

Through our discussions with organisations, NFPs, and universities one thing has always been clear – you don’t have to sell the benefits of mentoring. It seems that the overwhelming majority of people believe that mentoring is a worthwhile exercise. Yet many still don’t ‘officially’ have a program in place.

As organisations focus time, effort and money implementing other ‘new-age’ training and development initiatives, the reality is that these programs are often viewed with an element of scepticism from potential participants. Employees these days have a high “BS” radar!

On the flip side, a formal mentoring program – run through mentoring software – can be implemented with minimal expense, effort and resources (Here is what you should look for when buying mentoring software) and you can be sure it will be supported internally by employees and the big bosses.

In a recent UK survey conducted by HR services group Penna, they found that approximately 40% of employees had never been given the opportunity to be a mentor or mentee, yet more than a fifth of employees yearn to be one.

While 70% of Fortune 500 companies offer a mentoring program, and 75% of executives believe mentoring played a key role in their success, it still appears that organisations aren’t realising the full opportunity of offering mentoring to a wider section of their organisation. Mentoring is not only of value to your identified ‘stars’ but what about your potential ‘stars’?

As we look to increase engagement, innovation and productivity within our workplaces, organisations should consider mentoring as a way to break down the old school hierarchy and improve connectivity through the facilitation of tangible and meaningful relationships.

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Lucy is the Co-founder and CEO of Mentorloop.

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