Your Biggest Fears of Starting a Mentoring Program are Unfounded

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Creating a mentoring program is a big deal in terms of the impact it’ll have, but not when it comes to the work it takes to launch it.

Yes—that’s right—we know starting something big like a mentorship program can feel daunting, but with Mentorloop, we make it a walk in the park.

Here are the most pressing objections we hear when someone is considering launching such an initiative, as well as how Mentorloop can help alleviate those pain points.

Yes, Starting Can Be Scary…

When starting a mentoring program, many Program Coordinators (PCs) may have a feeling of being overwhelmed. It is, after all, an initiative that has the potential to affect many people’s lives.

PCs may also be apprehensive to start a project that has this kind of impact, as it reflects on them as well—both personally and professionally. But there’s nothing to worry about on this front; in fact, we think starting such a program can make you stand out as a sole contributor at your organisation.

There’s also the question of how much of the PC’s time a program like this will take. Is it going to take over their working life? Will they be able to continue to execute their core job responsibilities and ensure the program is a success? Read on to learn exactly how much time launching and running a program like this will take.

Last but not least, many PCs wonder if they have the necessary experience to execute such an initiative. Thankfully, regardless of your experience level, you CAN actually run a successful program without it being a pain in the butt, and that’s because we’re here to help.

…But We Have Your Back!

Mentorloop is here to hold your hand, and not just when you’re running the program, but from pre-launch through all phases of your journey. Here’s how we can help at every stage:


It only takes 10 minutes to build a program when you use Mentorloop, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a considered approach. Our Program Builder guides you through setting up your program, from the sign-up form to matching your participants.

What’s more, our Program Themes will guide you on how to build the right program for your organisation’s needs and goals, and will even calibrate matching to suit them.

After your 10-minute setup, you’ll also get access to some demo data so you can familiarise yourself with how Mentorloop helps you out with administrative work. And—best of all—you don’t have to pay a single penny until you’re ready to invite your participants!


Once you’ve launched your program, you can:

  • Join a webinar or workshop: Learn how to best run your program and continue to engage your participants.
  • Speak to a mentoring expert: They’ll guide you with data from successful programs that have gone before you.
  • Take advantage of our webinars for your participants: We hold these regularly to help your participants get the best start in their mentoring journey.

What’s Next?

A mentoring program takes all of 10 minutes to build when you do it with Mentorloop. And it’s not just the set-up that’s quick to execute, you can actually run your mentoring program with just 30 minutes a week!

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Grace Winstanely
Grace Winstanely
Content Marketing Manager at Mentorloop - dedicated to making content that helps make mentoring more accessible to all and helping Program Coordinators deliver the best mentoring experience for their participants. She's also a keen cook, amateur wine connoisseur, Aussie rules football fanatic, and lover of all things tropical.

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