21% of departing employees are “wanting a change”

Employees are heading to the exit door because they want change

Unsatisfactory working arrangements, retirement, family reasons or a desire to re-train – why do great employees leave? The Australian Bureau of Statistics endeavours to answer this question with their Participation, Job Search and Mobility Survey.

Among the most popular reasons quoted by employees for their decision to leave an employer was that they “just wanted a change”. This made us pause here at Mentorloop – because it’s a reason for leaving that’s just so simple for employers to mitigate. It’s not pointing to a lack of tenacity on the part of the workforce, rather it’s a massive opportunity great companies can tap into to keep their people engaged.

The companies who are going to win the war for talent are those that will provide opportunities for change, progression, and to learn and develop. When people stop learning, or if they can’t visualise a path for progression in front of them, they disengage. They feel like they’re falling behind. And as these stats show, they look for “a change”.

But what if you could design a people-first culture that constantly, and scalably, gave your people the opportunity to learn, engage and develop – the opportunity to discover change? Yes I’m talking about better connections across your company, easier surfacing of non-traditional career paths, and making the non-obvious learning opportunities more obvious.

I’m talking about mentoring 😉

At Mentorloop we believe the right connection can change your life. We all benefit when a colleague or connection shows us the ropes, gives us a push, or sponsors us for a new opportunity. We all benefit when we’re helped along the way to making a change.

But access to these connections is not available to everyone, and your people fall out of the loop. At Mentorloop we’re changing this – we’re on a mission to make mentoring mainstream. It’s an affordable, scalable way to turn the tide of turnover, and prevent your people from seeking an arbitrary change.

Want to find out more? Contact us to find out where your company sits on the People-First Lifecycle.

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Lucy is the Co-founder and CEO of Mentorloop.

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