The making of a leader: mentoring to make it stick

The making of a leader

When it comes to the future of the workplace, the only thing certain is uncertainty. What jobs will be replaced by AI? How can organisations attract the talent needed for an ever-changing landscape? What will a business look like when it’s lead by millennials?

Any organisation worth its salt is already acutely aware of this hazy horizon. But until we have greater visibility of just how it’s going to play out, there’s one universal solution that always delivers results – effective leadership.

Why doesn’t leadership development work?

Organisations are rapidly ramping up their leadership initiatives, and investing a fair chunk of their budget in the process. Businesses spend more than $365 billion on leadership programs globally, with an average spend between $1,000 to $4,000 per employee.

But despite all that spending, traditional leadership development is largely ineffective. For the chosen few bestowed with such costly training, only 15% are able to demonstrate improved leadership skills when relying on old-school training methods like group workshops or online learning modules. While these methods can be good for building foundational knowledge, organisations will need to look beyond the odd weekend intensive if they want to see real leadership.

Mobilise your leadership training from the workshop into the workplace

To shift soft skills like leadership from rhetoric to reality, you must include two key elements: disciplined reflection and deliberate practice. But with all the pressures of a competitive work environment, asking an employee to make time to practice their leadership theory is like asking a teenager to reduce their screen time – it ain’t gonna happen.

Is there any easy way to motivate your people to put their training into practice? Step right this way…

Mentoring to make leadership stick

If real leaders are born out of regular reflection and committed practice, mentorships are the structured pathway to make it happen.

To build a promising individual into an effective leader they must commit to a long-term development pathway. A good mentor will act as a sounding board to facilitate a mentee’s reflection and a navigator to sharpen their practice. The result? A change-agent who believes in your business vision and will lead others to do the same.

Mentorships create a committed space for your future people-leaders to refresh their training, reflect on their progress, and make their leadership goals a reality.

So now you’re thinking, “where do I get enough mentors and how much is it going to cost me?”

Your organisation already has a wealth of knowledge in its existing talent pool. With the right strategy a mentorship program is easy to implement and scalable to any business.

Ready to get started?

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