Turning ‘Mentoring Circles’ into ‘Mentoring Clusters’

Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure your teams feel connected and productive while working remotely. Communication tools are one thing, but your people need a reason to interact. Connecting your teams in peer-to-peer and specialist working groups with Mentorloop’s Group Loops feature is one way.

Group mentoring or ‘Mentoring Circles’ is an innovative way to connect members of your organisation in more meaningful ways. It also contributes to an increasingly vibrant culture in your workplace, where your people will “realise greater productivity, enhanced career growth and an overall improvement in employee performance.”

You can connect your group loops easily, based on any of their profile inputs. For example, you may want to connect a group based on their location, their shared skills or organisational function etc.

A fast-growing trend within the Mentorloop platform is for those within group loops or mentoring circles, to explore building deeper connections with selected people from within their group loop – by starting their own relationship or ‘loop’.

This effectively assists in turning your mentoring circles, into mentoring clusters – compounding your efforts as a Program Coordinator by providing more mentoring opportunities for your people.

While interacting in a “mentoring circle” they can then break away and form a relationship with an individual that they may have not been otherwise introduced to.

Read more about how group mentoring can drive innovation or speak with a mentoring specialist about how Mentorloop can help you get started.

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