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We’ve talked a lot about how industry association mentoring programs can help with career development and knowledge sharing. However, we think it’s important to mention that traditional mentoring programs—those in which mentees look to advance—aren’t the only way mentoring itself can be an asset to your association. Peer mentoring also has a place.

Why is that? Because peer mentoring is a different way to network; instead of mainly trying to find ways to climb the ladder, peer mentoring is purpose-driven and focuses more on support and exchanging ideas.

Here are some other ways peer mentoring can benefit your industry association.

How Peer Mentoring Can Help Expose Your Members to New Things

Peer mentoring is very good for exposing participants to new things, including:

Organisational Culture

Peer mentoring provides a window into different types of organisations. How? It allows participants to learn from people in the same roles at organisations of a different size, working with a different market, or organised in a different team structure. Peer mentors can learn valuable lessons from these differences, and apply valuable knowledge to their own daily work lives.


Peer mentoring also offers participants key insights into specialisations and sub-groups within your industry. This can be enormously beneficial for those who need guidance, are looking to level up, and for those who want to become more well-versed in all things your industry.


Peer mentoring can also provide a behind-the-curtain peek at how budgets are used at other organisations, e.g. those with smaller teams versus larger corporations. This can also provide critical insight for those looking to explore different organisations, how they work, and if they’d be a good fit.

No-Pressure Networking

Networking events can be uncomfortable for a lot of people. Peer mentoring programs can be a great way to facilitate networking for those who don’t like dressing up and making small talk in an unfamiliar environment.

Personal Advisory Board

Last but not least, peer mentoring is also a great way to encourage members to build their Personal Advisory Boards! Instead of the outdated “Master Mentor” notion, a Personal Advisory Board includes a range of people with varying perspectives.

After participants identify their own strengths and weaknesses, they can look for people that can fill those gaps. They don’t necessarily need to have knowledge of the mentoring partner’s specific industry—their general knowledge and experience as an outsider can provide the clarity they’ll need to define the way.

These people will also serve as your participants’ support network that they can turn to and lean on—each with their own distinct skills and areas of expertise, and willing to share their experiences rather than provide prescriptive solutions.

Get Your Peer Mentoring Program off the Ground with Mentorloop

Peer mentoring programs—in addition to the more traditional, career-development-oriented programs—can be a great way to add value to memberships. And at Mentorloop, we never limit your connections; this means you can engage in different types of mentoring styles, and more than one peer mentoring match! 

To learn more about how mentoring can help you engage your members year-round, download our free webinar kit: Engaging Industry Association Members Through Mentoring. Join our Head of Sales for EMEA, Jess Benham, as she covers how industry associations can use mentoring to address member engagement and retention issues as well as the cost that comes with both.

PLUS: The kit also includes some resources picked by Jess to help you start building your best mentoring program yet.

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