What Exactly is a Personal Advisory Board?

Personal Advisory Board

Mentoring is undoubtedly having its moment in the sun right now. It’s a hot topic and people everywhere are starting to think ‘I gotta get one’. The problem is ‘Mentoring’ the word. It comes with a lot of baggage. Even the most modern and progressive organisations still possess an outdated view of Mentorship.

The common perception

The common perception – I’m blaming Hollywood for this – revolves around the idea of a future you. An older, wiser you that passes on hard won wisdom and unlocks the secret doors to future success.

The problem is this idea flawed, especially today. The changing pace of work means that a significant number of today’s jobs will bear little resemblance to tomorrow’s. In order to achieve future success it’s no longer enough to look back and simply follow the same path.

The solution

Not one mentor but many. We call it the Personal Advisory Board. It sounds time consuming but it shouldn’t be. Dispose of the outdated Master Mentor notion and this will free you up to build a personal advisory board that includes a range of people with varying perspectives.

It’s not about juggling calendars to schedule regular personal progress updates with the whole board. It’s about building a support network you can turn to and lean on. Each with their own distinct skills and areas of expertise.

While it’s natural to seek out Master Mentors in your industry and immediate circle, your first step should be identifying your own strengths and weaknesses. And then looking for people that can fill the gaps.

Avoid ruling out mentors because they lack knowledge of your specific industry. Often the general knowledge and experience an outsider brings to the table provide the clarity needed to define the way. Look for mentors willing to share their experiences, rather than prescriptive solutions.

Absorbing these stories will allow you to filter out the lessons and apply them to your own situation. With the right Personal Advisory Board you’ll be empowered, educated and ready to apply the best ideas to your own career.

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