Future proofing your foundations

Plans change, people move, it happens. Not even your new espresso machine is foolproof. And when this happens, we often panic and are reminded that we want nothing to change. Maintaining the high standards of performance that got your organisation to be where it is today now becomes front of mind.  

The mentoring process – a more subtle side

You would hope that your outgoing employees and managers have been proactively passing on their wealth of experience and know-how to their peers and direct reports alike as they nurture the next wave of talent.

Not all managers were created equal though (we all remember THAT manager), and even in a world class team such as yours, you’re going to want to put some insurance in place.

Fortunately, because you took the time to foster a strong mentoring process and encourage your employees to develop connections both within and outside your existing network, you have a second line of defence.

Through the pastoral care and personalised development experience that so often go hand in hand alongside a successful mentoring relationships, a new generation of proteges have been busy identifying and self-serving key gaps in both their professional and personal development.

Will these in-house proteges be ready to step up and fill the void? A strong mentoring process can be part of the solution, as you prepare them to step into the shoes of those that came before. 

The best way to predict the future, is to create it!

Succession planning – the hidden benefit of mentoring

At Mentorloop we see the difference that the right mentoring connection can make. What was once a rite of passage restricted to a lucky few, has been swept along a tide of momentum to take its place in almost every people management playbook.

Cultivate your next generation of leaders today.

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