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Getting Started

From prep to launch, start your mentoring journey with confidence

The Business Case for Mentoring

Need to showcase the business case for a mentoring program?
Here’s all the proof you need.

Mentoring Program Proposal Template

This is the mentoring program proposal management can’t reject.

Sample Mentoring Program Timelines

Here are some sample timelines for mentoring programs using any of the three recruitment styles.

Guide to Program Marketing & Recruitment

This guide covers everything you need to know about effectively marketing and recruiting for your mentoring program.

Guide to Launching Your Mentoring Program

This guide covers the different ways you can launch your program – complete with templates and real-life examples.

Knowledge is power. Knowing what could go wrong can be as valuable as knowing how to do things right.

So here are 7 common reasons mentoring programs fail and how you can avoid them.


Make those unlikely, life-changing connections

Guide to Matching
Types & Techniques

We’ll dive into the different types of matching, how to use them on Mentorloop, and how to mix and match depending on your program’s needs.

5 Key Ingredients to Successful Matching

This guide is designed to help you think about the role that each matching ingredient has when it comes to your organisation.


Build your culture of mentoring

The Definitive Guide to Remote Mentoring

In this 50-page eBook,
we’ll guide you through remote mentoring best practices for leaders, mentors, and mentees.

Increasing Mentoring Program Engagement

Some tactics you can deploy to ensure that your employees are kept engaged in your mentoring program.

Keeping your program’s engagement healthy isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Let’s walk through some easy ways to keep your mentors and mentees excited about their mentoring journey.


All about the art and science of mentoring program measurement

Common Mentoring Program Goals and How to Measure Them

There are different ways to measure a mentoring program based on its goals. We discuss how some of our customers do it so you can see what works for different types of programs.

Simple Ways to Track Mentoring Program Success

Tracking mentoring program success is necessary in this digital age. Here are easy and effective ways you can track it.

Levelling Up

Confidently scale your impact

Increasing Mentoring Program Engagement

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Increasing Mentoring Program Engagement

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The Complete Mentoring Program Toolkit

Everything you need to gear up to run your best mentoring program yet!
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