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Mentorship is critical to the success of women across industries. We all benefit when a colleague shows us the ropes and sponsors us for new opportunities—particularly when they’re more senior, as men often are.

Mentorloop is providing business leaders worldwide with an opportunity and forum for pledging their commitment to mentoring women.

Take the pledge now and commit alongside your peers to #MentorHer.

We’re proud to share stories from some of Mentorloop’s greatest programs.

Mentoring to Many

Mentoring seven women in operations across four different countries – proximity clearly is no hindrance for these amazing women

A Helping Hand

What does it feel like, being the only female graduate of a Masters in Engineering, swimming in a class of over eighty men?

Towards Leadership

Getting a foothold in the industry you desire after graduating can be daunting and overwhelming and it can take a few years to really find your feet.

Rewriting Herstory

“I would have loved to have had a mentor when I was coming through as a novice.”

Greater Together

Addressing the critical gap in the journey of a PhD student

From Mentee to Mentor

Everyone, regardless of gender, has different needs and requirements to develop into their best selves.

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