Mentorloop Most Impactful Mentoring Program Awards 2023

I'm proud to be a part of the award-winning, LEAD Network Mentoring Program

 With special thanks to Program Coordinators,
Maria-Teresa Addison, Tânia Alves Silva, Anastasia Dulskaya and Dorottya Gill-Zalay

The LEAD Network Mentoring Programme is well-balanced to have an impact for both mentors and mentees – due to the cross-company, cross-culture, and cross-function matching and the great opportunity within Mentorloop to set and follow milestones our participants can grow together.

This Programme offers personal and professional growth with additional bite-size sessions on specific topics, requested by the participants. These events ensure we’re building a community supporting their learning journey.

Dorottya Gill-Zalay

This might be the best piece of software I've ever used. We were able to grow our mentoring programme here at LEAD Network, thanks to the efficiency and functionality we gained by having Mentorloop.

– Dorottya Gill-Zalay, Education Manager, LEAD Network


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