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Mentorloop Product Update (April 2023)
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It’s the end of Q1 2023 – can you believe it? The team here at Mentorloop have been busy cooking up lots of new things for you, so without further ado, here’s Mentorloop Co-Founder & CEO Lucy Lloyd to run you through all the exciting new stuff.

Let’s get to it!

The New Program Dashboard

We’ve launched a complete redesign of the Mentorloop Program Dashboard. The new design now provides program coordinators with an at-a-glance view of your program’s health and progress as well as actionable Insights that help you accelerate program success.

The new dashboard now makes it easier for program coordinators to check the 5 key indicators of mentoring program success:

  • Participants
  • Matching
  • Milestones
  • Sentiment
  • Highlights


We launched Infographics to help program coordinators visualize their cohort of participants. Participant data, such as demographic information, goals, skills, and other profile information, are now presented in beautiful, easy-to-digest, and shareable charts and graphs.

Downloadable Reports

The previous feature updates mean the need to manually collate and analyse your data is now gone. So instead, we’re empowering program coordinators to access and export their reports at any time through the new downloadable reports.

Mentorloop ANalytics and Reporting - downloadable reports

This means program coordinators can spend less time on reporting and more time supporting mentors and mentees through their mentoring journeys.

Soon: The Mentorloop Mobile App

A highly requested release will be coming soon!

The team has been working hard on a Mentorloop mobile app for the past few months and is now in the final stages of development. That means the app will be launching soon – within the first half of 2023.

The Mentorloop app will allow mentors and mentees to better document their mentoring relationships, build and maintain accountability by having a more accessible way of keeping track of their goals and tasks, and being able to engage in mentoring wherever they may be.

It also means that Mentorloop will be able to deliver better usage and engagement metrics to program coordinators.

The app will be available for Apple, Google, and Microsoft devices – mobile mentoring made accessible for all!

This quarter’s updates are all born out of our mission to make mentoring more accessible for everyone and our commitment to empowering program coordinators to build and run more effective, data-driven programs. Part of that is also empowering program coordinators to go even further and build mentoring cultures in their organisations through asynchronous, always-on programs.

By building a robust feedback loop and democratising access to real-time mentoring data through Mentorloop, program coordinators can now be more agile in managing their programs. Instead of waiting for a program’s conclusion to evaluate and improve, programs can now be optimised as they’re running. Rather than just using data for assessment, program coordinators are able to now use live data as a tool to enrich their programs. With Mentorloop, program coordinators can leave behind the old approach of running smaller, time-bound mentoring cohorts and embrace asynchronous, always-on mentoring and a thriving mentoring culture.

We’re very excited to be delivering these features to everyone and we hope they help mentors, mentees, and program coordinators everywhere throughout their mentoring journey. We cannot wait to hear what you think and we hope you enjoy these new features!

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Grace Winstanely
Grace Winstanely
Content Marketing Manager at Mentorloop - dedicated to making content that helps make mentoring more accessible to all and helping Program Coordinators deliver the best mentoring experience for their participants. She's also a keen cook, amateur wine connoisseur, Aussie rules football fanatic, and lover of all things tropical.

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