How to Find and Build Rapport with a Remote Mentoring Partner

How to Find and Build Rapport with a Remote Mentoring Partner

The world of work is changing. We no longer need to be in a physical space like an office—or even a particular city—to get our work done.

Some of the most successful companies are now operating completely remotely, with team members scattered all over the world, and they still get the job done.

This capability to connect and be productive with people all over the globe opens up a whole new world for mentoring opportunities. Your mentoring partner no longer needs to live or work within a certain distance of you to be able to collaborate and learn from one another—s/he can literally be anywhere on Earth!

While some mentoring pairs may find a remote mentoring relationship a bit awkward at first—especially if they’re used to a more traditional mentorship approach—with time and the right tools, it’s easy to make the adjustment!

Here’s some advice that can help both mentors and mentees navigate remote mentoring.

3 Tips for Remote Mentoring

1. Find Your Mentoring Partner

Ready to get started? Use Mentorloop to help you find the right mentor or mentee for you. Simply create a profile, answer a few survey questions, and start browsing for your match! Our powerful software ensures both you and your mentoring partner are a fit for one another based on multiple criteria. It’s not random—it’s carefully curated.

2. Remember that Communication is Key

Once you’ve found the right person, communication will be the most important aspect of your mentoring partnership, especially since you won’t be meeting face to face! Here are some tips related to both written and video communication.

  • Written communication: Use the MentorLoop messaging platform, email, text, and other forms of written communication to set up meetings, but not as your primary form of mentorship. Answering a few basic, quick questions is reasonable, but it’s best to jump on a video call for your actual mentoring sessions.
  • Video communication: There are a plethora of options for video calls. Whether you choose FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts, or another platform, set aside an hour a week or every other week to talk to your mentoring partner via video chat. This will help you build rapport and better understand each others’ communication styles.

Remember: It’s important at the very onset of your mentoring partnership to ask your mentor or mentee what s/he prefers when it comes to both written and video communication channels; this way, you’re not bombarding one another on multiple platforms, which can be maddening! Decide at the beginning of your relationship what tools you’ll be using and the frequency with which you’ll be video chatting.

3. Stay on Top of To-Dos

As you chat with your mentoring partner, keep a note of the action items coming out of your conversations. Did your mentor ask you to send a portfolio of your work? Did your mentee ask you for an online course you’ve taken and recommended? Write these action items down so you don’t forget! You can use online organizers like Trello or MentorLoop’s portal where you can share files, set goals, and keep track of your personal development.

The Future of Mentorship

These days, you don’t have to be in the same physical space to have a fun, productive mentoring partnership. Thanks to technology and tools like Mentorloop, you can have access to the greatest minds in your industry from anywhere you happen to be today! 

And not only will you learn from the best and the brightest, you’ll be exposed to new opportunities—in fact, did you know that employees who received mentoring were promoted five times more often?! You’ll also benefit from new connections and networks, as well as improved people and soft skills. Not to mention, you’ll be held accountable while receiving the encouragement you need to take the next step in your career.

Ready to connect your people into quality, meaningful relationships, regardless of where they’re located? Explore Remote by Mentorloop, today.

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