Creative Mentoring Program Names

creative mentoring program names

You have built a dreamy mentoring program, and filled it with all of the right ingredients for success. Now it’s just time to sell it to your employees, students, or members.

But what are some good and creative mentoring program names? How about:

<insert organisation name> mentoring program?

Good. Very explanatory. But then again, maybe you are looking for something with a bit more flavour. Something a little funnier/punnier.

So here are some more creative names. And like everything else good in life – most are movie references – and all require a bit of courage to pull off.

Name: Keep Calm and Find a Mentor

This phrase is well known and well loved. And it’s a major bonus that there are so many merchandise options if you are feeling extra festive.

Creative mentoring program names

Name: Get Your Mentorship Together

A little more risky than the others, but will likely be well received by the millennials who do actually need to get their mentorship together. Also speaks well to the fact that mentoring is a great life aid and progress mechanism.


Name: All Aboard the MentorShip

Puns have lost favour amongst a certain group of people. Fingers crossed it’s not your people.


Name: Live Long and Mentor

A creative name list wouldn’t be complete without a Star Trek and Spock reference. And think about it, it works on so many levels.

Mentor = prosper.

Living long = mentoring.

Name: Help You, I Will

This list wouldn’t be complete without a word or two from the mentor of all mentors: Master Yoda.


A slightly more aggressive approach which may spark fear and fuel engagement in the program. Also, a great hat-tip to a civilisation who had a pretty harsh but effective approach to mentoring: the Spartans.

Feel free to use any of this goldmine, and don’t be afraid to come up with an original of your own. Supplementing the name of your program with some visual cues will help a lot when trying to pull off a remarkably creative name.

The list of potential names is endless – and incredible. While ‘<insert company name> mentoring program’ will no doubt do the job, why not make mentoring a little more fun. 

Now that you have some name ideas, how are you going to make people aware of the program and promote it? Not sure?

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