Mentorloop Program Explorer

04: Apps & Integrations

The best mentoring happens where you're already operating.

Mentorloop’s suite of integrations are built to support you and your team, to weave mentoring into your own eco-system with ease.

  • Seamless Sign-ups:
    Single Sign-on (SSO) enables participants to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using just one set of login credentials. For example; Okta, Google, ActiveDirectory, Linkedin.
single sign-on and social sign-on
  • Frictionless Scheduling:
    Never miss a meeting – scheduling mentoring catch-ups is a breeze with calendar integrations. For example; Gmail, Outlook, iCal.
calendar integrations
  • Meet Wherever You Are:
    Meeting with your mentoring partner has never been easier. Create a Zoom or MS Teams video chat, send direct messages in your ‘loop’ or simply log your in-person and phone meetings and set follow-up tasks and goal-setting.

How would you like your existing tools to integrate with Mentorloop?